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Art To Color

_______________________________________________________________________The April Color Contest- — – – – WINNERS! – – – — — — – First Place – — -Punpkin soupBy AuntieAwesome- — – Second Place – — -French vegan Foods ColoredBy Mally-Pepper- — – Third Place – — -Pumpkin soupBy soli-deo-gloriaRunner Ups: – – – – – – – – [See Past Contest Winners]

Op Art is the art of optical illusions … her is the proof !

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Here are some works related to this form of art, to color as you want !

We solemnly promise to put the artist first.We promise, as long as your work is high resolution, clean, and falls within deviantArt’s etiquette policy, we will accept it regardless of your comfort level, talent, age, or style.

We promise to work with our members to ensure they all get their illustrated work placed in the color-me-club gallery.We promise to keep focus on our members, and never exploit our membership or the club’s expansive reach for our own gain.

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May 10, 2018 April Color Contest – Winners! May 6, 2018 Poll: Select a winner for the April Color Contest! May 1, 2018 April Color Contest – You Get Three Votes! May 1, 2018 May Lineart Contest – 50s Fashion Apr 30, 2018 Poll: Theme for May’s Lineart Contest is.

.. Apr 29, 2018 April Color Contest – Last Day! Apr 28, 2018 Suggest A Theme for the May Lineart Contest! Apr 23, 2018 April Color Contest – One Week Left! Apr 16, 2018 April Color Contest – Two Weeks Left! Apr 11, 2018 March Lineart Contest – Winners!

Founded in 2003, the Color-Me-Club has grown to the largest free resource for line and color artists on DeviantArt. Posting hundreds of new images every week, throwing annual monthly contests, and orchestrating thousands of collaborative efforts between line and color artists, the Color-Me-Club continues expanding to act as a nexus between line and color artists.

Putting its focus on features, contest prizes, and emphasizing teamwork, the Color-Me-Club is one of the best free resources for artists on the net!

catfishing line art PINGriff 32 3 Sadness robersilva 38 10 Jungle Friends – Inks ColletteTurner 288 49 Bound Wraith Lines GHathaway 34 6 Shelly Fendiin 47 5 Elf Lord Inks Fendiin 23 6 Arteria Flying V inks jotazombie 25 2 Helheim Sorceress lines deviantAshtareth 140 4 Rainbow Draw This Again Lineart Twinkiesama 48 0 Weekly Character A to Z – Totoro and Tetsuo StMan 135 7 Fairy Fight die-BeckX 20 0 Storybook Lineart joiachi 44 6 Cameronero Hop41 10 5 Rightly We Fear the Sun LuscyArt 29 20 Circle Dragon – lineart drakhenliche 392 60

Another month, another series of winners! Here are the fine folks who won your votes for the April Color Contest! Give ’em a heaping round of applause folks!

The famous drawing “Relativity” by Mc Escher … Where is the begining? The end ?

The meeting of three cubic symmetrical and geometric structures

April Color Contest – Winners! by CMC-Donations, 2 days ago Journals / Personal

The Op Art is the art of creating works fixed in 2 dimensions, seen by the human eye as relief and / or moving. Research on the subject began in the 60s, including the artist Victor Vasarely for example.

SUBMITTING LINEART: – – By submitting lineart to the color-me-club, you automatically give permission to others to color it and showcase it in their deviantArt gallery. – – You may still enforce additional provisions in the image description or gallery descriptions as long as they do not conflict with the permissions granted above.

We will decline work if there is a conflict, as to not infringe upon your terms. – – Illustrated work only. No photography, photomanipulations, 3d, animation, or other non-illustrated medium. – – Only submit lineart that is on cleanly scanned medium.

We do not accept work on midtone, pulp, or lined paper. – – The ‘download’ option needs to be enabled. – – Do not submit work that has the obtrusive dA watermark on it. Watermarks are allowed only if they’re small and unobtrusive to the lineart.

– – Lineart must exceed 1200 pixels in height or width. – – All submissions must be in either of the following image formats: .PSD .JPG, .PNG, .GIF (no animation), .BMP, .TIFF. – – NO TRACES OF COPYRIGHTED WORK.

Ever. – – Lineart must be predominately black and white with minimal shading. Do not submit work on midtone paper. – – Mature content must be submitted to the ‘MATURE CONTENT’ gallery. – – All lineart must be free.

We do not accept images that require money or points to download the high resolution file.SUBMITTING COLORED WORK: – – Only submit colored versions of lines acquired from the color-me-club. – – Colored work must have a [link] to the lineart it uses.

– – Submit all colors to the ‘Colored Work’ or ‘Mature Content – Colored Work’ gallery. – – Make sure your colored work adheres to any additional provisions set forth by the line artist. – – Do not remove any watermarks, signatures, or contact information the line artist put on their lineart.

– – Paintovers are acceptable, as long as it still resembles the content of the original lines. Drastic changes to the lineart (example: removing a character’s clothes) will be declined.SUBMITTING INKS: – – Inks must be extra clean and precise.

Unlike linearts or colored work, inks are required to have a high standard. – – Inks must use a legitimate inking medium. Digital and vector inking is allowed. However, inking with ball point pens, or any other medium that leaves smudges or inconsistent filling, will not be accepted.

– – Only submit inks of lineart that can be found on deviantArt. – – Inks must provide evidence of permission, either in the image description or comments.* – – Do not remove any watermarks, signatures, or contact information the line artist provided on the original lineart.

– – Substantial changes to the original lineart (example: removing a character’s clothes) will be declined.

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