Bee Coloring Pages

color activities for preschoolers Bee Coloring Pages

color activities for preschoolers Bee Coloring Pages

Bumble bee
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Bees and flowers coloring pages for kids
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Honey bee
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Beekeeping in practice – featuring a beekeeper at work with honey bees

For something more professional, I can also recommend this Bee Garden Coloring Book from (clicking link opens a new window) for its intricate designs.

I’m not a professional graphic designer (as you can see!), but I’m a firm believer that inspiring children when they are young is a great thing to do.  That’s why I created these bee-themed pages to color, as well as the activity sheets. 

Self expression Color recognition Therapy Building motor skills Focus

Large bumblebee coloring page – features the word ‘bumblebee’

A preview of each coloring page or activity sheet is provided (see right as an example).


Coloring pages are fun for children of all ages and are a great educational tool that helps children develop fine motor skills, creativity and color recognition!

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All of these pages were created using powerpoint.  In doing so, I adapted clip art, and created my own bee images from scratch, either by using shapes and putting them together, or drawing freehand in picmonkey. 

Bee Coloring Pages, educational activity sheets and fun puzzles free to download

Funny little bees with flowers – different flower shapes and several bees – this image is also used in a ‘spot the difference’ puzzle further below

‘Bees like sunflowers’ coloring page – a happy bee and a tall sunflower, with the words ‘bees like sunflowers’

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To download a full-size A4 PDF version, click on the image. 

Inspiring children to love beesPlant pollination processHymenoptera – where bees fit in to the world of invertebratesHoney bee lifecycle – with simple diagramWhy do bees buzz?Bee facts and honey bee factsWhy do bees make honey and how?How long to bees live?Do bumblebees make honey?Types of beesHoney bee anatomy – with diagram10 simple ways to help the beesBee identification

Bee-Themed Coloring Pages (or ‘Colouring Pages’ if you are in the UK!) And Activity Sheets!

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Simple smiley bee – especially for very young children – features the word ‘bee’ which can also be colored

Please feel free to download and print these activity sheets, for use by your own children, or for use in schools and play groups, churches, parent groups – or any groups for kids.  You may also share this page on social media.

Some of these sheets are educational, some are for fun only, and others use bee-characters whilst helping a child to use a skill, but not necessarily learning about bees in the process.  For example, ‘Spot the difference’ encourages children to use their observation skills.

The coloring sheet will open as a PDF document in a new window.

Bee Coloring Pages