Black History Coloring Pages

color activities for preschoolers Black History Coloring Pages

color activities for preschoolers Black History Coloring Pages

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A Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass an American Slave Teacher’s Guide

Breadcrumb Holidays Black history month Black History Month Resources We found 257 items

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Here are some of our most popular free miscellaneous coloring pages.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. & Black History Month Activities Packet has thousands of free crafts and activites to go with these coloring pages.

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African-American History Resources Use our resources to enhance students’ African-American history knowledge through reading African folk tales or other literature, videos with activities, and coloring pages.

African Folk Tales: Background Information A Raisin in the Sun Maniac Magee Literature Guide Slavery & The Civil War – Videos & Activities Martin Luther King Jr, Civil Rights Leader Jackie Robinson Coloring Page Rosa Parks Coloring Page Slideshows Our slideshows provide lists of interesting and creative activities to do to help students learn more about African-American culture and history.

Top 10 Children’s Books for Black History Month Top 10 Martin Luther King Activities Top 15 Black History Month Resources Kwanzaa Activities (Grades K-8) Coloring Book of African-Americans Slideshow Quizzes Test your students’ knowledge of African holidays, civil rights, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

with these quizzes during Black History Month. Civil Rights Quiz Martin Luther King Jr. Quiz ABC Order — Famous Black Americans Kwanzaa Facts Quiz Black History Month Quiz Kwanzaa Word Problems References Use our references to deepen students’ understanding of important people and events in African-American history.

Coretta Scott King Award Winners Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Little Rock Response Martin Luther King Jr.’s Life Assassinations and Attempts in U.S. Since 1865 Amendments to the Constitution of the United States Amendments to the Constitution: Voting Harriet Tubman Biography Music & Drama Activities Extend students’ knowledge through these fun and creative music-related activities.

Included you will find how your students can create a talk show and learn about the relationship of math and jazz. Jazz and Math: Improvisation Permutations A Jazz Talk Show Learning through The Duke Exhibit Scoring Guide Assessment of Learning Through “The Duke” Lesson Language Arts Activities Black History Month is a perfect time to expand your students’ African-American knowledge using warm-ups, reading passages with writing activities, and a wordsearch.

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February is Black History Month. Explore the many contributions of African-Americans with our cross-curricular lessons, printables, quizzes, and activities below. You’ll find biographies on athletes, scientists, civil rights leaders, and more! Utilize these resources for grades K-12 to examine the historical and social context of slavery. From art to technology, there are activities to connect Black history with every subject including holiday resources for Kwanzaa and Martin Luther King Jr Day.

Educational Videos Choose from various activities to extend student learning after viewing these short videos for Black History Month. Martin Luther King, Jr. Videos & Activities Slavery & The Civil War – Videos & Activities Technology Resources Help students understand more about African-American culture through research on websites.

African Storytellers African-American Heroes Printables for Grades K-5 Use these printable pages to expand students’ knowledge about African culture and history. Activities include a collaborative project, reading passages, a writing prompt, and creating an African tribal mask.

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad Slavery Writing Prompt Cultures Day Project Ideas The Civil Rights Movement African Tribal Masks “I Have a Dream” Little Book Jackie Robinson Biography & Activities Printables for Grades 6-8 Increase students’ knowledge of African-American culture and history with these cross-curricular writing, reading, and vocabulary term activities.

The Underground Railroad Matching Activity The Life and Accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr. Fever 1793 Teacher’s Guide I Have a Dream The Harlem Renaissance Activities Sarah Boone Coloring Page Printables & Lessons for Grades 9-12 These creative resources are designed to enhance students’ understanding of African history and culture through the influence of music.

Activities include lessons with song lyrics, reading passages, and math in jazz. Billie Holiday’s Song “Strange Fruit” Defining Jazz Music Visualizing Jazz Scenes of the Harlem Renaissance Jazz and Math: Improvisation Permutations Jazz and Math: Rhythmic Innovations African-American Gospel Music Black History Word Search Lesson Plans for Grades K-5 Expand students’ learning about African-American history through these resources which include reading passages about African folk tales, heroes, and important people.

Martin Luther King Jr, Civil Rights Leader Triangular Trade in the Atlantic Ocean Write a Letter to Jesse Owens Activities for African Folk Tales Percussion Performance and Culture African-American Heroes Influencing Others in Our World Lesson Plans for Grades 6-8 Help students understand the struggle of African-Americans through these activities which include the Underground Railroad, Martin Luther King Jr.

and other influential people. Martin Luther King Jr, Civil Rights Leader The Underground Railroad The Struggle Against Segregation Write a Letter to Jesse Owens Jackie Robinson and Civil Rights Interactive Timeline Martin Luther King, Jr.

Receives the Nobel Peace Prize

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Black History Coloring Pages