Color In Cars

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Color In Cars

My greenish blue CRV was not too bad for dirt but dents and bumps were easy to spot.

Before 8-10 years majority of car manufactures produce White, Black and Grey colors car. You have only 3 to 4 choice in color at that time. But now a days you have more than 7 to 8 colors choice like Red, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Bottle Green, Yellow, Golden, Maroon, and Brown etc.

WHITE is still number one . There may be numerous reason for it. One is ours is a hot weather & cooling is better in white coloured car compare to others. Also better visibilty at night for others cars on road. Also it is believed to be a pure colour.

Define best… I mean, what do you want to achieve? The look and the standing? The longest longevity of the finish? The least need to clean the car?

It all depends on what car you are driving. From a safety perspective it is always yellow color as that is the color which is most visible. Hence school buses are directed to be yellow in color nowadays.

I think only Lancer carried off yellow very well. Same with Beetle and Nano!Personally i prefer sporty bright colors but these colors are high maintenance as you need to keep them looking shiny otherwise it doesnnt make much sense to own a bright colored car.

If your car is parked in a stilt parking most of the day then you can go for any bright color. Gradually brighter colors become dull as days go by if the car is parked in the sun most of the time.Black and white are always the best colors as both exude sophistication.

Again white takes some maintenance as a slightest scratch can spoil the looks of the car.Silver- Understated and classy. Easy to maintain, looks good,maintains texture for a longer time.

Now driving a Mordern Steel Honda Pilot… which is a light charcoal grey with a hue of purple in the metal flake.. I’m a but disapointed, I thought it would look clean when covered with a bit of dust but its a tad to dark for that.. it seems to hide scratches so far but its only 2 months old so a bit early to say..

It depends on you as a person and what your kind of taste is for cars..Because some people prefer darker colours because they’re all year around no matter what the weather is, where as a white car looks more presentable in the summer as the sun will reflect onto the car and make the details stand out dramatically Blue, Black, White and Silver are the most popular colours when people come to buying a car, so once again it just depends on the person if they prefer dark or lighter car colours.

What colors are safe? Those black, white and silver vehicles may seem boring, but they may stand a better chance of returning a bit more at resale time than an oddball or fad color, like today’s brown, orange or, yes, pink cars, especially if the wild color gets dropped, experts say.

It also depends on the car design, some color looks fabulous in some creative design while sometime same color doesn’t suite in simple car design. So normally, White is highly preferable color, after that Black, Grey, Dark Blue, Red are comes in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively.

Everyone has different taste in colours but according to me two colours are best and that are :-

Originally Answered: Which is the best color suitable for a car?

Next was a Black VW Tiguan, totaled during the first winter. I love the look when it was clean but it was never clean enough for more then a day or two and the scratches were a nightmare..

It depends what matters most to you. If it’s mostly about your costs, you want ease of disposal and maximum value when you’re looking to trade it in.  That means choosing a colour that is going to be popular at that point.

This will vary between countries and, to a growing extent, between models. In the UK, a few years ago dealers used to call white ’60 day white’ because such cars would tend to remain unsold longer than others.

Today white is the most popular colour in Britain on many models – especially the prestige brands like BMW and Audi. The difference in value between otherwise identical cars, in different colours – as a used car – can be anywhere up to £1,000.

2. Metallic grey is also a good colour now a days as it does not pale and fade by the time and vehicles look as new as it was at purchasing time. So in my opinion both colours are good.

Everyone has different cup of tea, it’s totally depends on choice of individual, someone like white, someone love colorful car and someone wants to decorate with stickers etc.

If you’re interested in shopping for a new car, you might be too focused on trim levels, option packages, security features or financing to think about your next vehicle’s color. In a world filled with color, most of the people favor black and white – at least on the subject of cars. Whether it’s a little red Corvette or a pink Cadillac, picking just the right color can be as important to car buyers as price and options.

When I lived in Spain, nearly everyone who had a choice about the color of their car chose white. Why? Because in the southern Spanish summers, with temperatures that regularly got up above 115°F (46°C), it was the only sane choice—everything else just got too hot inside.

Now, the best I’ve seen so far.. would be my parents 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, its colour was called Kaki Sand.. which was kind of a beige grey.. or dark sand colour if you want.. That thing never ever seemed dirty or dusty.. and as long as the scratches were only in the clearcoat, they were invisible.. and you can guess it now, rust spot would only be noticeable once really big… It was a winning colour!

Here’s my take..I had 5 cars in my life so far.. Dark Red with gold metal flake, Candy White, Black, Greening blue, and Steel charcoalish..The red was not bad but as soon as the sun shined on it, you could seen the web scrachtes and the dents..The white, a VW Rabbit (Golf MkV) was my absolute best, by the time it seemed dirty, it was awfully dirty. On top of that, most dents where hidden in the whiteout of the paint under daylight and I nerver saw scratches.. sure they were some but they didn’t showed.. Only downside what the small rust like dot that started to appear after years.. *(They use a lot of salt here in the winter)

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