Coloring Book Drawings

May 14, 2018 4:36 am by fcchocolatebar
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Coloring Book Drawings

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Most of the art seems to have been done with crayons and colored pencils, just like it should be in a real coloring book. There’s definitely something funny yet unsettling about seeing cute childhood characters in shockingly terrible situations like these.

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Make sure to pay the blog’s Facebook page a visit – it now features far more submissions from various fans of the blog, who have been inspired to create dark and evil illustrations of their own. If you’ve got a dark sense of humor and a knack for coloring with crayons or pencils, grab a coloring book give it a try!

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27 Innocent Images In Children’s Coloring Books That Transformed Into Disturbing Drawings

Remember when we wrote about the Coloring Book Corruptions blog about a month ago? After their darkly humorous and twisted work went viral, the blog’s creators are back with more shocking and sarcastic twists on children’s coloring books.

This blog maintains a collection of illustrations from children’s coloring books that have been twisted and corrupted by darkly humorous adults. An innocent pond frog becomes a less-than-innocent centerfold and a friendly helicopter becomes a vicious bird-chopping machine. The images certainly are shocking and controversial – some find them creative and funny, while others find them sick and crass. You decide!

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