Coloring Game For Kids

May 22, 2018 4:30 am by fcchocolatebar
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Coloring Game For Kids

Max decides to trade his three coins and red rubber elephant for some magic beans. What can he do with them?

Goals: Summer, Dress Up, Winter, Dance, Spring, Shapes, Fall, Friendship, Drawing

One of the sheep escapes and gets stuck in a big storm. Kiva and Saul create an airplane to save the sheep.

Kiva and Saul are caught in a desert sand storm with their magic carpet. They will have to find a way to fly out of the storm.

Goals: Wildlife, Animals, Mammals, Fish, Bugs, Shapes, Patterns, Reptiles, Navigate, Habitats, Birds, Math

Create an instrument then play music with Pinkalicious and her friends!

Add some shimmer to your wardrobe with this craft to make Shimmer and Shine genie cuffs!

Kids can cruise through the zoo, helping Molly & Gil find a friend for Monty!

Sunny’s taking her skills on the road! Will she finish her topiary tree while riding in the Glam Van?

Goals: Building, Geometry, Shapes, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Measurement, Multiplication, Estimation, Structures, Math

Goals: Try Something New, Family, Self control, Helping, Music, Cleaning up/Chores, Singing, Emotions/Feelings

Help Aviva engineer the perfect creature power suit for the Wild Kratts team!

Make your own cookie creations to serve customers with Ruff!

Coloring, Art, Create, Manners, Colors, Drawing, Emotions/Feelings

Vocabulary, Navigate, Languages, Adventure, Words, Drawing, Rollerskates

Presidents Day, Heroes/Mentors, Elections, Community, Drawing, Historical Figures

Help Sunny, Blair and Rox at their salon by styling their friends! Wash, trim and style their hair, and paint their nails, are you ready? Let’s gear up and go!

Zeta steals Shimmer, Shine, and Leah’s wishing star, and they must get it back before Zeta makes a wish.

Discover hidden animals, by coloring with rods of different lengths and colors!

Choose birds, dance moves and music and put on a boogie woogie show!

Use clues in Spanish to help Noah and Nell find what Coco is missing!

Goals: Dance, Create, Music, Performing on Stage, Exercise/Fitness

Shimmer and Shine dance into color in this crafty video. Check it out!

It’s fashion time! Help Muffy and friends get ready for their close-ups!

30 More Shapes Games More Topics Math Games Dinosaur Games Science Games Social Studies Games Reading Games ABC Games Vocabulary Games Spelling Games Rhyming Games Story Games 123 Games Nature Games Healthy Habits Games Create Games Engineering Games Feelings Games Teamwork Games Animal Games Dog Games Coloring Games Shapes Games Adventure Games Music Games Dress Up Games Problem Solving Games Measurement Games Spanish Games More Topics Dress Up Games

You’ve got 5 swim-sational senses. Sing along and learn them all.

Learn about Presidents, collect trading cards and make a campaign poster!

Wildlife, Coloring, Animals, Nature, Environment, Habitats, Art

Welcome to Deema’s Boom Boom Room! Check out all of the percussion instruments and meet Boom Boom!

Help Blaze, AJ, and the knights choose the right path to get through the slime maze!

Building, Art, Create, Gadgets, Inventions, Test, Structures

Rusty and Ruby look ready to create their own masterpiece after this start-to-finish painting! Check it out!

Dora, Alana, and Pablo need to get to Moe the Sock Monkey’s birthday party! Use the map to help direct them!

Use your Nature Art Box to create art with natural materials!

Ruby can’t wait to see the flower show at the carnival, but Max wants a balloon animal instead!

Rusty and Ruby are throwing a Big Bot Party and they need your preschooler’s help to get Tigerbot, Botarilla, and Botasaur ready! First, players will use a power buffer to get the bots looking squeaky clean. Then, Tigerbot needs help picking out special party glasses and choosing a tune to sing. Botarilla needs help picking out the perfect hat and choreographing a new dance to show off at the party. Finally, players will help Botasaur get decked out in a new pair of shoes and souped-up with attachable party decorations. Once the bots are ready, it’s time to get the party started!

Summer, Dress Up, Winter, Dance, Spring, Shapes, Fall, Friendship, Drawing

Become one of the Paw Patrol crew with this fun Paw Patrol necklace craft. Check it out!

Use your memory skills to repeat the patterns and sounds that the stars make.

An orc ruins Nella’s rehearsals for the Royal Music Festival. But Nella realizes Gork the Orc just wants to join in!

Goals: Try Something New, Friendship, Halloween, Community, Dress Up, Growing Up, Heroes/Mentors

This free online educational game helps children develop shape recognition and shape memory skills, all while interacting with their favorite Nella the Princess Knight characters!

Yee-haw! Molly wants to be a cowgirl like Dusty, the riden’-est, ropin’-est cowgirl in the parade!

Play memory games with Big Bird to find where Ernie’s hiding.

Nella and Sir Garrett visit their friends in the forest in this watercolor masterpiece! Check it out!

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