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Coloring Pages Fairies

Vidia is the fastest fairy in all of Pixie Hollow. She appears to be arrogant and selfish, but despite the negative traits, she is good at heart. Vidia is always dressed in purple and keeps her long black hair tied in a ponytail. Her pale skin, pouty lips and arched eyebrows make her the most beautiful pixie in the Pixie Hollow.

Fairytales, folklores and legends have been around for generations, even before the first written page came into being. Children have always been fascinated with the mythical characters that appear in these tales and stories.

This ballet dancing fairy is also known as the Sugarplum fairy. Notice the bowl of candies and plums in her hand. She is wearing a tutu and her ballet shoes and is balancing herself on the toes. Her hands are holding the wand; the whole dance movement looks so graceful. There is a picture of other two little fairies watching the ballet dancing fairy.

This tiny pixie fairy, with a strong personality has enchanted the little kids and even the grownups for generations. She is fiercely loyal, sticks to her loved ones through their thick, and thins. She charms everyone with her kind heart and sparkling smile.

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So here are the ten best fairy coloring pictures that your little one would love coloring. You just need to download these, get them printed and get your kid started.

We hope you like our top ten free printable fairy coloring pages; do share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comment section below.

Your darling daughters will definitely love painting Rosetta in vibrant colors.

Mariposa fairy is a beautiful butterfly fairy, who all the time dreams about the world outside her land called “Flutterfield”. The story revolves around the adventurous journey undertaken by Mariposa and her friends in search of an antidote to save the ailing queen.

This little fairy princess stays in the clouds, as the picture shows. We see a rainbow shining on the background.

Your child will have a lot of fun coloring the pint size fairy, the cheerful butterfly, the clouds and the rainbow. Guide him especially, when your child colors the rainbow, make sure he uses the correct seven colors. Tell him more about rainbow andwhen it is possible to sight rainbows. Coloring the rainbow will help him remember the name of all the colors, stick this page in his room so that he can easily recall all the names of the colors.

It is the ideal time to color this picture. As your little one becomes a toddler, the milk teeth falls off giving way to permanent teeth. Your child must curious to know where the tooth is vanishing; you can tell him the story of tooth princess. That a pretty looking fairy comes and takes the tooth away, and gifts a new tooth in return with the flick of a magic wand.

Self expression Color recognition Therapy Building motor skills Focus

Here in this picture, the beautiful Barbie fairy is seen with her friend, making it a delight for the little girls to fill in the colors.

This picture is straight out of a fairy tale; here we see the elf escaping on the dragon. Maybe the elf is being chased by an angry demon or the elf is trying to rescue someone in danger. In fairytales, we see fairies reaching the trouble spot right in time and solve all problems. Fairies are good characters that ensure happy ending to all fairy tales, which makes your child happy reading or listening to them. Children love positive stories.

Rosetta is a stunningly beautiful, garden talent fairy from the popular Disney Fairies franchise. She is the main protagonist in Tinker Bell and the Pixie Hollow Games. She looks her best most of the times and gives beauty and makeover tips to her friends.

You can also play Winx fairy video games and try many more Winx fairy coloring pages in the internet. You can tell her adventure stories about Winx fairy; you don’t have to read from a book always, you can make up stories from your imagination and give it some realistic touch so that your child can relate to it.

This fairy has a musical talent; she knows to play the flute. It’s got to be the famous silver flute. She has flowers in her hair and has butterfly wings. Your child will take special care in coloring the dress, she can use glitter tubes as well.

We present to you a bunch of 20 pictures, which will allow your children to color these beautiful fairies as they float and fly in the sky.

Thumbelina is a tiny fairy who emerged from a barleycorn flower. Thumbelina, throughout the story avoids the intentions of marriage minded toads, moles and cockchafers, before falling in love with a flower prince of her size.

Your innocent child will want to see a fairy in real life, but explain him or her that they are pretty looking fictional characters. All wishes come true when a person strives hard for it; you need to child this however small he might be. Your child will love coloring this picture because he is familiar with fairy tales. If you have a little girl at home then notice the special care she takes to color the fairy’s dress and hair.

If you have a pet at home and your child has an amazing rapport with him, she can immediately relate to this picture. It is important to teach your child to love and respect animals.

This fairy has a lot of attitude and she looks stylish too! She wears a ribbon in her long her and wears a leaf textured dress. She is doe eyed and giving a subtle smile. She will enjoy coloring this picture.

Your child is really small to understand the science behind the falling teeth; you can always explain the realm science when he matures. Till then let him stay in the world of fairies and sweet dreams!

His picture is perhaps the most suitable coloring page for the apple of your eye! Your little one is as pretty as this little angel, wearing a crown and holding fairy wand in her hand. Ask her use silver or golden glitters to make the fairy dust around her and make the picture look even more magical.

The beautiful fairies and flowers in this sheet will mystify the imagination of your kids, enhancing their creative powers.

Fairies are children’s most favorite magical creatures. They look a lot like a human with a pair of wings. They fly from places to places, playing tricks on unsuspecting victims. Some fairies are mischievous, while some do everything to make life easier for their special people.

This sketch is of an animal loving fairy, just notice her pet dog is sitting beside her. This is a sketch of a fairy with beautiful butterfly wings. Your child will need your guidance while coloring the picture or she might use her imagination.

The fairy godmother in this drawing sheet is the one who helped Cinderella get into the ball and meet the man of her dreams.

Coloring is a great way for you to spend quality time with your child. It helps your kid to hold the tools in a right way, thereby aiding the development of wrist, fingers and hand muscles. It teaches your child to choose correct colors and recognize the patterns and lines.

Barbie doll is the most celebrated iconic doll of all times. We have often seen Barbie dressed up in stylish and trendy clothes, being extremely successful in whatever career she is pursuing. But, did you know that there is a fairy avatar of Barbie too?

Fairy godmother is the quintessential grandmotherly figure in the fairy tales with magical powers. She acts as a mentor to the suppressed protagonists in fairy tales.

You can read out to them Enid Blyton’s Magic Faraway Tree and Enchanted Wood, it is all about fairies and delicious food1 Read to them stories while they are coloring the pages, to make the activity fun and interactive. Fairies stir a child’s imagination and it will also help them to create their own fairy stories!

Periwinkle has dazzling blue eyes and a stunning hairdo of icy white spikes and bangs. Help your kids to choose the right colors for this sheet.

With so many fairies to color on, our child will definitely have a fun time. Best is to offer these coloring pages to your kids during holidays. Where you and your partner can also join them, have fun and at the same time help your kids understand coloring in a better way.

This fairy is sitting on a Mallow plant. Mallow is not a very popular flower, so you can find out more about mallow flower. Here is some interesting trivia about Mallow.

This fairy is on an adventure with a sword in her hand. Be it a boy or girl, children love to hear adventure stories of pirates and bandits. The action behind the scenes gives them a sense of thrill and excitement and they want to know more. They are anxious to know what will happen at the end of the story.

Ask your kids to color Vidia fairy’s features appropriately, it will be fun!

Your kids will definitely enjoy filling colors in the wings of the Mariposa fairy printed here.

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Thumbelina Fairy Fairy and Her Pet Picture Picture of Fairy Princess Fairy Playing Flute Little Angel Fairy to Color Periwinkle Fairy Tinkerbell Fairy Fairy Magic Stick in Hand Vidia Fairy Ballet Dancing Fairy Barbie Fairy Picture Elf On A Dragon Fairies On An Apple Tre Mallow Fairy Among Flowers Fairy Godmother Fairy Perched Sitting on Mushroom and Playing Flute Three Flying Fairies Little Cherubs Fairy Beautiful Lotus Fairy Beautiful Mariposa Fairy Winx Fairy The Fairy With An Attitude1 The Flower Fairy The Rosetta Fairy The Pirate Fairy

Many a times you fold your hands like this while observing your child’s behavior, especially when you disapprove of it. Your child observes you silently and imitates you! It is very amusing to watch your child’s antics and mimicry.

Is your child a great fan of a Winx fairy? This is a stylish looking fairy that your little girl will feel excited to color. Especially, the wings of this fairy are unique.

The flower fairies, the creation of Cicely Barker, have captivated the kids for more than eight decades now. Cicely was unable to go to school because of her epilepsy, so she spent much of her time drawing and painting at home. The flower fairies were her most notable creation.

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You can show them pictures of how a real apple blossom looks like and how beautiful trees look when it is full of apple blossom. Now they know another new word starting with the letter ‘a’.

Coloring pages are fun for children of all ages and are a great educational tool that helps children develop fine motor skills, creativity and color recognition!

This is a time when your child learns singing and you can organize a jamming session with her. She might want to learn a musical instrument after seeing this picture, you can promise her to arrange for her music training classes soon. The children’s mental development takes place at a faster pace when he or she is a toddler, so they can grasp concepts and learn new things even better than adults.

These two fairies are sitting pretty on the branch of an apple tree; the tree is heavy with apple blossoms. The baby fairy or cherub just resembles like your little one. The elder fairy must be like your other child. This picture also shows a strong sibling bond.

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This is a beautiful lotus fairy your little girl will love to color. We also see a tiny flower in her long hair. This fairy or water nymph lives in an enchanted forest near a pond and comes out when the lotus blooms. This fairy sleeps inside the lotus and she is assisted by her magical journey by a tiny fairy who protects her with fairy dust when she is in deep sleep and till the time she wakes up.

The lotus fairy symbolises the rebirth of every woman who leaves her childhood behind. After becoming an adolescent the woman is reborn and become the beautiful looking lady she was meant to be. Your little girl often dreams how she will look when she grows up, you can tell her that she will become like the lotus fairy. Just notice her innocent smile. Girls want to look beautiful like the fairies!

It also helps the children to develop hand and eye coordination, besides improving his creativity and decision making process.

Your little one must have participated in fancy dress competition where she dressed like a fairy. She will tell you interesting anecdotes of the fancy dress competition. This coloring page will serve as a lovely poster for your little girl’s bedroom, done up in pastel shades of pink or peach. Children love bright colors, so give their room a positive vibe with this poster colored by your child. She will feel proud of her work too!

Malva is a genus of about 25–30 species of herbaceous annual, biennial, and perennial plants in the family Malvaceae, one of several closely related genera in the family to bear the common English name Mallow. A Mallow is violet in color. So, your little one learned the name of a flower starting with the letter m.

Read them adventure stories after they finish coloring this picture of the pirate fairy brandishing an ornamental sword in the air, ready to attack the demons. You can pin this picture up in your kid’s room if he or she loves adventure stories.

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Here is a pretty picture of flying fairies all ready to color in. Don’t you think all these fairies are having a gala time amongst themselves? Download this sheet and enjoy a Sunday afternoon with your kid coloring all these fairies.

You can tell your child more about ballet dance or you can show ballet dance videos as a treat!

This picture is of two baby fairies, who are just sitting beside a spider’s web in an enchanted forest. This picture is ideal if you have a little boy and girl at your home, they will love coloring this picture and the background too. This picture will keep them busy for an hour.

Your kids will enjoy coloring this adorable fairy coloring page, blonde-haired little pixie.

This figure will definitely weave a magical spell around the kids.

This lovely coloring page will surely delight your little girls.

This is a picture of pretty of the fairy sitting on a mushroon. She has a unique braided hairstyle. Her hands her on her chin and maybe she is day dreaming like your little one. The polka dotted mushroom that she is perched on appears only in fairy tales. You can show her how real mushrooms look like and that all mushrooms are not edible. You can show your child pictures of different types of mushrooms. Also you can read to her stories of Noddy who use to visit Big ears, his favorite pal who lived in a giant toadstool. The mushroom anyway looks like a natural umbrella!

If your baby loves the movie “Tinkerbell”, then she will surely enjoy coloring this page. Periwinkle is a frost talent fairy who resides in the winter woods. She is believed to be Tinkerbell’s sister, as both of them have exactly the same wing patterns.

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