Free Printable Christmas Coloring Pages For Adults

September 3, 2018 1:38 am by fcchocolatebar
Christmas printable coloring page presents · christmas coloring pages for adults
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Free Printable Christmas Coloring Pages For Adults

2 Dec, 2015  in Adult colouring pages / advent / Christmas / crafts / Free Printables by Jen Walshaw

Complex coloring page of a Christmas log with a Christmas egg

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Christmas star flies over winter village … A beautiful and simple Christmas coloring page

Coloring page of Santa Claus with full bag of holiday gifts, and Christmas vintage snowflakes in background.

Christmas wreath with decorative items, angels, ribbons, stars, fruits …

Celebrate Christmas with The Grinch ! He has a small gift for you …

Have I missed your favourite free Christmas colouring page for adults?  Do let me know in the comments, so I can add it.

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I am often asked what products I use and I am a big advocate of using the best supplies you can afford.  It is really frustrating to use pencils that keep snapping or refuse to blend well, oh and don’t get me started on pens that bleed through the paper.  I always buy the best quality I can afford, not just for me but for my kids too.  I want colouring to be a joyful experience.  These are mine and the

Creative Christmas: The Gift of Colouring for Grown-ups – UK Link/US Link

There are so many great free colouring pages out there at the moment, by some really talented people.  I will keep updating this page, so do look back or even let me know of any I have missed in the comments.

Creative Christmas Tree Colouring Book: A collection of classic & contemporary Christmas trees to colour – UK Link/US Link

Pens We are currently loving using Staedtler Triplus colour pens (UK Link/US Link) – they do not bleed through the paper, which is great for adults and kids and they are really bright.  Plus you can get different nib sizes (UK LInk/US Link), my niece has the 3mm nib ones (I bought her them for Christmas and she adores them).

 I also love the way they stand up in the packaging, so you can see the colours.   For a more inexpensive pen, we like the BIC kids coloring pens. These are great with minimal bleed through the paper and last for ages if you forget to put the lid back on (yes I am guilty of this)! (UK Link/US Link).

Pencils Again we have two distinct favourites.  One high quality and the other medium.  Staedtler Ergosoft pencils are great value.  They are soft and blendable and last really well.  These are our go to pencils for pretty much everything  (UK Link/US Link), they are not paying me to say this – honest! These are the pencils that the boys use for all their work and colouring too.

  If money was no object then it would be Prismacolor pencils.  I was introduced to these by the amazing illustrator Jennie Maizels (go check out her sketchbook club, you can thank me later).  They are blendable, fantastic colours, durable and everything you could need, but are at the top of the price range.

 (UK Link/US Link) Paper As you are printing off these pages you can control the quality of the paper and unlike colouring books that you buy, you can print one sided (whoop).  I print a lot of my pages on standard copier paper and if you have good quality art supplies then that is fine, however, if you are planning on framing or keeping your artwork then it would be better to print on a higher quality of paper.

 Or if you plan on painting them, then you can print onto inkjet watercolour paper (UK Link/US Link).  For standard colouring get some bleed proof paper and use it to print off your pages (UK Link/US Link).

Accessories You need to have a good quality pencil sharpener for your pencils.  I LOVE my standard office supplies one.  It can be adjusted to sharpen to a killer point or to a more blunt edge and there is something therapeutic about the crank handle and all the shavings being collected (UK Link/US Link)!  We use a Staedtler pencil sharpener for our on the go one and this is the one we keep in pencil cases (UK Link/US Link).

The other must have for me is a clipboard.  I am often found colouring in downstairs on the sofa on an evening (I try to reduce screens on a night) and rather than rest on a book I use a clipboard (UK Link/US Link).

Christmas Winterland – A Colourful Christmas Adventure: colouring – UK Link/US Link

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Christmas Designs Adult Coloring Book (31 stress-relieving designs) – UK Link/US Link

Home for the Holidays: A Hand-Crafted Adult Coloring Book – UK Link/US Link

Young woman reading, sitting on a bench with her cat. In the background : pretty Christmas trees, buildings and a beautiful moon with a Christmas cap.

A snowman and Santa Claus, ready to deliver his gifts in this beautiful house

Adult Coloring Book: Magic Christmas : for Relaxation Meditation Blessing: Volume 8 – UK Link/US Link

Beautiful Christmas reindeer coloring with zentangle pattern

Christmas tree Zentangle style with Christmas balls and a big star in the top

Beautiful Christmas wreath with decorative items with angel, stars, socks and gifts … The New year is near !

Peace. Joy. Color.: Celebrate the Season with 20 Tear-Out Coloring Cards – UK Link/US Link

Christmas ball ornaments coloring page : different patterns and sizes

We are all learning of the stress busting ability of colouring.  It really is a great way to relax and switch off and most of us are far too busy this time of year and need to make sure that we find some time to be mindful and for me that is when I colour.

These Christmas coloring pages are dedicated to adults … or kids very talented and patient. You will find drawings representing Santa Claus, Christmas trees, Ornaments, bells, wreath … drawn with different styles and difficulty levels. Different artists have contributed to this special page.

Christmas ornaments : use this coloring page to make your own greeting cards

Christmas drawing (Doodle style) with : Santa Claus, gifts, envelopes, ornaments, candles, socks … and other surprises

A majestic deer in the forest : a lot of abstract details to color

Colour Me Christmas ( A Really RELAXING Colouring Book) – UK Link/US Link

Some of our free coloring pages have been drawn like Doodles, or with Zentangle style ! You will even find Christmas Mandalas to print & color … You can use all these printables as greeting cards !

These are mine and the MiniMad’s suggestions to you.  Our tried and tested favourites.  When I first started colouring I just pinched the boy’s products, which is why adult colouring is so accessible and over the period of a year I now have my own supplies!

Christmas tree with beautiful and complex background, square format

There are some amazing colouring pages and books for adults at the moment and as it is the festive season, I am all about Christmas.  I  have already shared with you five exclusive festive colouring pages.  But there are so many more out there, so I have gathered together  a roundup of free christmas colouring pages for adults and teens.

Add some colors to these gifts that fill this little car driven by a snowman

Color this incredible circular drawing with an angel surrounded by plenty of snowflakes

Magnificent Deer drawn with elements inspired by nature : flowers, leaves, tree branches …

Creative Christmas Colouring: Classic Christmas themes and patterns for a peaceful and relaxing festive season – UK Link/US Link

Drawing with Santa Claus and his reindeer sled in front of a beautiful house, with a sky full of snow

Escape to Christmas Past: A Colouring Book Adventure – UK Link/US Link

Very complex coloring page, with the Christmas Bells and many different patterns

Coloring page of Santa Claus with full bag of holiday gifts.

If you want Christmas coloring pages for kids, it’s on this page.

Free Christmas Colouring Pages for Adults – The Ultimate Roundup 17

Merry Christmas Adult Colouring Book: The Creative and Cheerful Colouring Book – UK Link/US link

The ultimate Free Christmas Colouring Pages for Adults Roundup

Christmas tree ornament with decorative items, angels, candles and socks. A lot of details

Gingerbread house Festive fireplace Christmas scene in bauble 5 festive colouring sheets Winter things sheet Father Christmas Christmas ornaments Large Christmas Bauble  Santa Jumper Christmas Jumper Christmas Tree Cones  Christmas Mandala  6 Christmas Doodling pages Christmas lights Christmas Tree – undecorated Festive wreath Christmas Eve Scene Snowglobe colouring page Christmas Tree and fireplace  Festive birds on a candy cane Bauble hanging on tree Joanna Bashford Christmas Star Christmas Tree jumper Santa Claus Happy holidays Christmas lanterns  Merry Christmas madela  Candy Canes Christmas Candles Festive Street Colouring page Snowmen Reindeer colouring page Christmas Baubles  Christmas gifts 4 Christmas decoration pages Doves of peace Advent wreath Christmas Window Christmas Wreath Christmas Bells Christmas Tree Intricate tree colouring page Acorns and baubles Christmas Wishes Christmas Tree mandela  Christmas Vest Christmas rooftop scene Candy Canes Merry Christmas Bauble mandella Five free christmas colouring sheets Christmas colouring books for adults

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