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Free Printable Color Recognition Worksheets Coloring Pages

Free Printable Color Recognition Worksheets Coloring Pages Free Printable Color Recognition Worksheets Coloring Pages

  • Preschool (783)
  • 3rd grade (71)
  • Kindergarten (1,203)
  • 1st grade (1,290)
  • 4th grade (55)
  • 2nd grade (834)
  • By Grade
  • 5th grade (39)

A simple coloring page can help teach U.S. history! Introduce your child to Harriet Tubman, an important historical figure from Abolitionist and Civil War era.

  • Foreign language (41)
  • Math (168)
  • By Subject
  • Reading & writing (375)
  • Fine arts (50)
  • Social emotional (12)
  • Science (233)
  • Social studies (349)

Get into the Valentine’s Day spirit by coloring a giraffe decked out in hearts.

Cut and color with cats and dogs to make your own valentine! This worksheet will give your child great fine motor practice as she celebrates Valentine’s Day!

Learn through Coloring Choose from many different coloring pages to keep your child entertained! With color by number, color by shape, and color by letter pages, your child will get to work on some important kindergarten reading and math skills.

Learn about different holidays and careers with these pages as well!

If you’re just not feeling Valentine’s Day this year, this panda coloring page will do the trick!

This color by number coloring page enters the world of dinosaurs and prehistoric earth. Bring the page to life one number and color at a time!

Kids learn the lowercase letters of the alphabet with this cool dinosaur dot to dot coloring page.

This Rosa Parks coloring page will give you an opportunity to discuss a brave woman’s historic act of defiance with your first grader.

If an aspect of a project is frustrating to the child, provide assistance – try to keep things fun.  Sing songs, read stories or watch shows with a similar theme as the worksheet you choose to supplement the project – again focusing on extra activities that the child enjoys to help keep them motivated.

This addition page is a hoot! Help your kid practice math facts with this owl color-by-number printable!

Each part of the rainbow is labeled with a different color. Count how many colors are listed then color in each part according to the label.

Introduce the concept of photosynthesis to your first grader with this simple coloring page!

On this fun winter clothes coloring page, your child will select and color the winter clothes and learn about dressing appropriately for the weather.

Engage your child’s imagination with this pretty mermaid coloring page. It features a mermaid relaxing on a rock and enjoying the bright sunny day.

  • Coloring (1,203)
  • Animals (511)
  • Places (43)
  • Seasonal (162)
  • Sports (82)
  • Fairy Tales (65)
  • Life Learning (128)
  • Pop culture & events (11)
  • People (83)
  • Arts & crafts (251)
  • Offline games (498)
  • Vehicles (77)
  • Fairies (28)
  • Holidays (620)
  • Dinosaurs (62)
  • Topic
  • Nature (128)

Color in the cupcakes on the left side of the worksheet, count the number of cupcakes in each row, then match them up with the correct number on the right.

This dino connect the dots has the alphabet for kids to practice their lower case letters and fine motor skills.

This Martin Luther King, Jr. coloring page features the most famous and most influential civil rights activist himself!

Take breaks, when necessary.  Choose a time of day when you and the child are relaxed.  Provide rewards (verbal encouragement, gold stars on “chore chart” checklists or awards for tasks that have been mastered) and change up the rewards when needed.  Don’t underestimate the “reward value” of one-on-one time with a loved grown up!  Ten minutes of “homework time” with daddy after work can become a special ritual for both father and child (at least it did for our family *grin*).

Break out the crayons and get coloring with this pretty unicorn coloring page, guaranteed to please your little princess.

I spy with my little eye… a giant octopus! Help him and his ocean friends find the hidden objects in the picture.

Our solar system might fit on this cool coloring page, but in reality it’s 3.7 billion miles from the Sun to the dwarf planet Pluto!

  • Topic
  • Animals (1,318)
  • Fairy Tales (404)
  • Arts & crafts (940)
  • Dinosaurs (225)
  • Sports (195)
  • People (459)
  • Life Learning (291)
  • Seasonal (714)
  • Vehicles (220)
  • Places (375)
  • Pop culture & events (116)
  • Nature (378)
  • Holidays (2,333)
  • Fairies (73)
  • Offline games (1,810)
  • Coloring (3,831)

Write down the name of each season that is shown in the pictures then color them and turn this worksheet into a unique placemat that can be used year-round!

Challenge your first grader by having her connect the dots from 1 to 50 to complete the picture of the friendly lion.

Tracing activities develop a child’s control of the small muscles of the hands (fine motor skills) improving hand/eye coordination.  Learning shapes and colors allows children to group or classify items — children develop their ability to make logical connections — a precursor to both math and language arts.

Got a dog-lover on your hands? This fun coloring page of a weiner dog is sure to please.

This cute dinosaur is taking a snack break and chowing down on some nutritious leaves.

  • 3rd grade (71)
  • Preschool (783)
  • 1st grade (1,290)
  • Kindergarten (1,203)
  • 4th grade (55)
  • By Grade
  • 5th grade (39)
  • 2nd grade (834)

Kids get practice with colors, numbers, and following instructions as they color in this adorable puppy.

Introduce your child to the Chinese Zodiac with this coloring page.

Fairy-tale lovers are sure to enjoy coloring this underwater scene. It features a pretty mermaid spending some quality time with her seahorse friends.

  • Topic Arts & crafts (251) Coloring (1,203) People (83) Life Learning (128) Places (43) Animals (511) Dinosaurs (62) Fairies (28) Fairy Tales (65) Nature (128) Sports (82) Vehicles (77) Holidays (620) Offline games (498) Pop culture & events (11) Seasonal (162)
  • By Grade Preschool (783) Kindergarten (1,203) 1st grade (1,290) 2nd grade (834) 3rd grade (71) 4th grade (55) 5th grade (39)
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  • By Subject Fine arts (19) Foreign language (40) Math (47) Reading & writing (113) Science (17) Social emotional (11) Social studies (11)

  • Topic Arts & crafts (940) Coloring (3,831) People (459) Life Learning (291) Places (375) Animals (1,318) Dinosaurs (225) Fairies (73) Fairy Tales (404) Nature (378) Sports (195) Vehicles (220) Holidays (2,333) Offline games (1,810) Pop culture & events (116) Seasonal (714)
  • Filter Results clear all filters
  • By Subject Fine arts (50) Foreign language (41) Math (168) Reading & writing (375) Science (233) Social emotional (12) Social studies (349)
  • By Grade Preschool (783) Kindergarten (1,203) 1st grade (1,290) 2nd grade (834) 3rd grade (71) 4th grade (55) 5th grade (39)

Your child will have so much fun coloring this spiffy race car that he won’t realize he’s practicing important skills like color and number recognition.

Kids are sure to have a blast coloring their favorite nursery rhyme characters, and practicing counting from 1 to 10 while they’re at it.

All children develop as individuals.  Parents and caregivers should use the age ratings below as a general guideline, taking the abilities, temperament and interests of their children into account.

How are you feeling today? Use these cards to explore emotion adjectives, either on their own or with our Mindfulness lesson plan series.

This Life Learning worksheet will help your student learn how to dress for winter weather.

  • Fine arts (19)
  • Foreign language (40)
  • By Subject
  • Reading & writing (113)
  • Social studies (11)
  • Math (47)
  • Social emotional (11)
  • Science (17)

Celebrate Black History Month with this coloring page dedicated to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the most important figures in Civil Rights history!

Color in Jackie Robinson, a baseball player that paved the way for many great talents in baseball.

It’s time to break out the crayons and get coloring! These printable coloring pages are the perfect way to add some creative fun into your kid’s daily routine. Get in the holiday spirit with seasonal coloring pages, practice letters and numbers with alphabet and math coloring activities, bring beloved nursery rhymes to life, or even color your way across the solar system or through the water cycle!

An icon of the Civil Rights Movement, Rosa Parks is featured on this simple coloring page, a perfect way for your child to engage in learning history.

Some of the most delicious foods are also the most healthy for us! Inspire your little one to love her fruits and veggies with a healthy foods coloring page.

This Booker T. Washington coloring page depicts the famous figure who rose from slavery to become a significant part of the early civil rights movement.

Visit DLTK’s Color Buddies for printable crafts, coloring pages, felt board templates, tracer pages and poems to supplement these color recognition worksheets.

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Do you remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood? Sit down for story-time with your little reader, and put these mixed-up scenes back in order!

In this worksheet, children explore what it means to be aware of their emotions, drawing inspiration from the turtle.

In this worksheet, we listen like like an owl — and go on a sound hunt — to become more aware of the sounds around us.

A riff on classic dot-to-dots, this dino worksheet asks kids to connect the dots from A to Z.

The Shapes recognition worksheets have some colors practice included if you’re looking for more practice.

  • Review Worksheets – Mixed Colors
  • Single Color Worksheets
  • Single Color Itsy Bitsy Books 

  • Age 2     Introduction to colors — can complete with adult assistance.
  • Ages 4-5  Can complete without assistance.  Provides practice printing the words of colors.
  • Age 3     Can complete with minimal assistance after directions are given.

Ring in the New Year with your little ones and enjoy this celebratory New Years coloring page!

How do clouds form? Why does it rain? Help your student answer some of these questions by completing this water cycle worksheet.

This George Washington Carver coloring page features him with a fistful of peanuts, the plant he’s famous for popularizing.

What better way to help your kindergartner hone letter, number, and shape knowledge while improving fine motor skills than with coloring pages and worksheets? Your little one will love watching colorful scenes come to life as they color by number or sight word or color in the seasons as they create their own placemats. Explore our vast collection of coloring pages to download and print.

Explore the Many Benefits of Coloring Pages While young kids view coloring pages as nothing more than a fun activity, parents understand there are numerous benefits beyond just passing the time. Coloring pages help kids learn their colors, inspire their artistic creativity, and sharpen motor skills.

Just as important, coloring also can help parents keep tabs on their child’s psychological state of mind. For instance, if a 4-year-old chooses to use a lot of dark crayons to color an otherwise vibrant image, it might be a sign that he’s feeling down.

Or if he keeps an overly strong grip on a crayon or uses excessively harsh strokes on the page, he might be angry about something. One way to better understand what’s on your child’s mind is to find a location in the house that’s free of distractions and color a page alongside him.

As he focuses on his creation and sees you working on yours, casually inquire about his thoughts. There’s a good chance he’ll open up without even realizing it. Finally, from an early education standpoint, parents can use coloring pages work on phonics and letter recognition—like using a blue crayon to color all the objects that start with C and a green crayon to color those that end with T.

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