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Fa great how to make your own coloring book

How To Make Coloring Book

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How To Make Coloring Book.

Some fun themes could include drawing foods, art with landscapes or trees, illustrations of flowers or funny cartoon characters engaging in conversation.

I performed exactly the same process as before to turn the new images into coloring book pages (see Step 14 for the list of what we did).

Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 23,030 times.

Decide whether you want to draw or use premade, printable designs. With drawn designs you can add a personal, loving touch to the book. Not all of us are accomplished artists, however. So if you choose to use prefabricated, printable designs, take the time to locate pictures that really reflect your children’s personalities.

A quick web search will unearth numerous websites that offer free, printable children’s coloring book illustrations. As long as you aren’t planning to sell the coloring book, you don’t have to worry about finding copyright-free images.

Pick pre-made coloring templates, or create your own by tracing your favorite images from books or the web.[1]

This step is optional, but adds a nice touch and makes your coloring book distinctly gift-able. Make a cover that shows what type of coloring book this is.

You can save and print the images out from a computer. It is best if you can print the images directly to your desired size.

Develop a theme. Does your daughter love ponies? Or are spaceships more her style? Choosing a theme for the book can help narrow down the endless possibilities out there. Also, keeping a common theme going can inspire the creation of various designs within the same category.

For example, if the theme is superheroes, you can make up all types of crazy characters and draw them in different ways (cartoonish, realistic, etc.).

Next, decide what your alignment will be. While not a breaking point, it can be distracting to turn the pages of a book and find that some images are aligned horizontally and others vertically, so consider making a decision one way or the other and sticking with it.

Thank you so much! In about ten minutes I was able to turn a picture of my library building into a coloring page for an election night . I made one misstep and had to go back and follow the directions more carefully, but I did it! Thanks for taking time to help us.

Can you create these on a cell phone? Or does it have to be done on a computer

I assembled all of my images into a single composite image by simply clicking on the layers I wanted in the Layers palette and then dragging them into the window containing my background beach image. This left me with a single image containing three layers: beach, treasure chest and child.I then used Edit –> Free Transform to change the sizes and positions of each individual element.

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Choose a binding. The quickest and simplest way to bind your finished book together is with a row of staples. For a more finished look, though, you might want to use liquid glue. Or, you could use a hole puncher and create 3 holes in the area to be bound along the left margin of the book (one near the top of the pages, one in the middle and one near the bottom).

Then, you could thread twine or decorative ribbon through the holes, bring together the ends and tie them into a bow or knot. Binding the book after you’ve created your hand drawn illustrations makes more sense.

That way you’re not struggling to fit your drawings in on the smaller surface of a pre-bound page.

Select Filter –> Gaussian blur…A slider called Amount should appear. Try dragging this back and forth to see what happens. The outline of your image should become visible, starting as a thin tracing when Amount is low and turning into softer, thicker strokes as you increase it.Adjust the slider to a medium point at which you can clearly tell what the image is, but the lines appear neither pencil-thin nor extremely soft and blurry.

Print out your pages, making sure that they are printing the same size. If needed, trim the pages if your printer leaves a lot of excess white space around the sides. Assemble the pages in order.

If you’re confident, you can begin to draw freehand. But many of us will prefer to start with a pencil sketch, to help cement the composition and layout in our mind before making it permanent. Once satisfied with a pencil sketch, you can add ink on top of your pencil guide. If needed, erase any pencil lines from sketches.

Voila! In about ten minutes, I’d made a personalized coloring page.Try it out and let me know what your kids think!

The first thing you need to do is pick a photograph that you want to turn into a page in your coloring book. The best photos for this are ones that are in focus and have plenty of contrast between the different objects in the scene.If you’re planning to edit any of the people in your photo onto another background, it helps if the original photo is taken against a fairly plain background. For example, you could start by photographing your kids fiercely brandishing toy swords in front of a blank wall, then edit them onto a pirate ship background later!Save whichever photos you want to use to an easy-to-find file on your computer.

Bind your pages so that you have a book. This doesn’t have to be high tech. In fact, it could be as low-tech as stapling the top corner of the pages, or as involved as doing a perfect binding (here’s a tutorial you can use). Another easy solution is punching the pages for a three-ring binder. This way, you can add additional pages to your collection as you draw them.

Are you making a coloring book for kids to color with crayons? Or is it something for adults to paint in watercolor or color with colored pencils? This can affect how large you decide to make your lines and images. Knowing what the intended medium is from the get-go can help you make a coloring book that is more enjoyable for your intended audience.

Who says coloring is just for kids? Enjoy adding gorgeous color to these one-of-a-kind designs with your favorite art medium. Get my FREE coloring book »

I tried it out and I love how some of my animal pictures came out

I know that was a lot of steps, but in fact all we’ve done is perform six very simple changes to our photo. If you look at the History box, you’ll be able to see exactly what you’ve done.

Didn’t use 8.5 x 11 paper? Either trim the paper to fit your scanner or scan it in multiple parts and stitch the images together with a photo-editing software.

Fashion a front and back cover. Here’s where you can truly add special effects. Think of a name for your book and begin drawing out designs. You might wish to add glitter or use colored markers to add a splash of color to the final product.

Utilize a heavier paper like cardboard, cardstock, or construction paper for this task, since these will add more stability to the book. You can add a pretty, decorative finish to your cover by wrapping it in wallpaper samples or wrapping paper.

[3] When naming your book, think about calling it after your child. This adds yet another level of personalization to the project.

I did it! But it won’t save? Does is usually take a long time to save? I’ve tried a few times, but it just keeps saying ‘working please wait’ any suggestions?

Remember to individualize the pictures. Tap into your child’s specific interests to create a coloring book that will truly excite their imagination. Choose washable markers. For kids that prefer markers to crayons, make sure any accidents that occur can be cleaned up with ease.

Avoid colored pencils, if possible. The sharpened points of colored pencils can be a safety hazard to small children. Crayons and markers are more suitable. There are several websites that can take your uploaded family photos and convert them into outline drawings.

Or, if you have photo editing software like Photoshop or GIMP, you can use those programs to pare your pictures down to sketch or outline form. There are many tutorials online that can walk you through the steps.

The graph should look like a steep hill with three sliders underneath it. Move the black slider most of the way to the right, so it sits just at the base of the hill, before it becomes very steep. You should see your image darken dramatically.

The first change we’ll make to our photo is to turn it into a black and white image. Do this by selecting Adjustment –> Desaturate.

Pick up the sheets in order and press them together. Now start from the beginning of your book with the front cover. Pick it up and place it over the first page of the coloring book. Repeat this process for the remaining pages.

Try to align the pages as evenly as possible when you join them together this way for a finished look.

Your image probably still looks faint and a bit fuzzy, so we’re going to turn all those shades of gray into crisp blacks and whites using the Levels tool.Select Adjustment –> Levels. A graph like this should appear.

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Now for the fun part: get drawing! Now that you’ve decided the size and alignment, you can start working.

Now we’re going to make a second layer which is an identical copy of our black and white image. Right-click on Background in the Layers palette and select Duplicate layer.You should now see a new layer called Background copy.

Turn your family photos into fun kids’ coloring books for free! This simple tutorial will teach you how to turn any photograph into black and white outlines that you can print out at home. What better way to keep your kids entertained on a rainy day or a holiday weekend?I used a free online image editing app called Pixlr to achieve this effect, but you can do much the same thing in other software, such as Photoshop or GIMP.Of course, you don’t need to use family photos. We’ll even discuss how to insert your family members into exciting action scenes or far-flung landscapes. It’s your coloring book, so you can choose the story! Even better, why not let the kids decide?I’m going to talk through this process in a lot of detail, but that’s only so that a complete beginner will feel comfortable. Don’t be intimidated by the number of steps; you can actually complete the project in about 5 minutes!

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Everything proceeded as directed until I reached Step 9, Flatten the Image. When I right-clicked on the top layer (Background Copy), I got the following: “Settings, Global Settings, About Adobe Flash Player version……” It seems to relate to settings of Flash itself. I’m running Windows 7 and Chrome. No matter what I click on now – View, File, Adjustment, Background, Opacity, etc, the list of “Settings, Global Settings, and About Adobe Flash Player version…” displays.Each step worked perfectly until now. What can I do?

According to the famous painter Pablo Picasso, “Every child is an artist.” Encouraging children to experience color and form in the world around them by coloring is a great way to spark their imagination. If you’re ready to create a unique, personalized coloring book for children, there are a few fun approaches you can take to make your project perfect.

You just needed to update and install the latest adobe flash player, hope this helps 😉

I love all the instructables you make–they’re beautiful, practical and fun. I sense that you may have children, and that many of your instructables were made with them in mind. Well done, sir!

Allow the glue to dry completely before use. If you’re using glue to bind your book, give it sufficient time to dry (1-2 hours) before turning your little artist loose. Otherwise, the pages will start to come apart and wet glue will get everywhere.

Now that you’ve taken your photo, the next step is to go to www.pixlr.comPixlr is a free online app that lets you edit photos without having to download any software or pay any fees. It’s extremely easy to use, but also sophisticated enough to let you achieve some astonishing photo effects.Click where it says “Open photo editor” then click on “Open image from computer” and select the photo you want to use.

I found the tutorial extremely easy to follow until I got to #17. I cannot get the layers to move onto one another. They don’t seem to be movable so I have opened the image I want to drag 10 times but it keeps disappearing and the only thing I can open is blank. Every thing else was so easy up until this point. Please can anyone help expound upon #17?

we just finished trying this. The web site has been changed a bit since this was written but we were still able to follow all the steps. Great results.

Now for some real fun! Once you’re comfortable with creating coloring book images from your photos, you can start to mix and match different elements to make fantastic or ridiculous images from multiple photos. I’ll talk you through an example of my own.I thought our volunteer enjoy having a thrilling adventure story to color in, so I decided to put him on a desert island with a treasure chest. A quick Google search for beach and treasure chest revealed some useful images, which I saved and opened in Pixlr.

Now it’s time for some cleverness with layers. Click on the little box with two arrows in the bottom left corner of the layers palette. This should make the advanced layer settings (Opacity and Mode) visible.At the moment, the layer called Background copy should by in Normal mode. Use the drop-down menu to change it to Add mode. Everything in your image should turn white. Don’t panic! That’s what we wanted.

You don’t have to work at the exact size that your finished pages will be, but work to scale. This will make formatting the pages easier later. Do consider your scanner size — even if you like working big, consider the effect of this later. Will you easily be able to scan these pages for reproduction?

Grab a permanent marker and paper. Black permanent markers are the most durable for this task. The lines they make can always easily be seen even through the heaviest crayon or colored marker strokes. Further, they are the only permanent markers capable of withstanding multiple erasings.

This is important if your child will be using erasable colored pencils on the project. Make sure you place an impermeable surface behind your drawing page, such as cardboard or several sheets of thick scrap paper.

Otherwise, the marker might bleed through onto the following pages or onto your writing surface.

Press the closed booklet together to set the glue. Using your fingers, squeeze the left binding firmly multiple times across the bound left edge. To aid in the adhesion process, you might want to set a few heavy books on top of your coloring book while the glue dries.

Can anyone tell me how to print these to a full size 8.5×11? I want to bind them together in a book but they are all printing small size. Thanks!

Determine how many pages your book will be. If your theme is the seasons, for example, a natural number of pages would be 4. Decide on the number of pages early in the planning process, because once the binding process begins, adding or taking away pages could become trickier.

Opting for fewer pages might be better given the shorter attention span of young children. If you use more pages, however, your child can get more long-term use out of the book.

Last of all, I re-adjusted the positions of my adventurous model and the treasure chest before saving the image and printing it out.

The RBG sliders all move together. The black won’t move separately from the others, so the lines don’t darken.

This is actually the best method, by far, that I’ve tried. Fantastic.

For one, it’s easy: You can print out pages on your own home printer. For another, it’s an accessible size for coloring with a variety of media. Look at coloring books in toy stores or in the toy aisle of grocery stores: they’re usually around this size.

Draw bold and simple designs. Avoid outlines with lots of small, delicate details. Children under the age of 6 are still struggling to develop their fine motor skills, which include holding a pencil or crayon and coloring.

[2] So make your images relatively simple, with widely spaced, ample-sized areas for kids to color within the lines.

I’m on a Mac, and got to the ‘Levels’ point, however the sliders will not move individually; I moved the ‘black’, but when I went to move the grey and white sliders, the black moves at the same time, and won’t operate solo. Can you help? Thanks!

It can be helpful to decide how many pages you’d like before you start. If there is a theme to the coloring book, that might dictate a page number. For instance, the example shown in this post is for coloring pages with the colors of the rainbow, so the page number would sensibly be as many pages as the rainbow has colors.

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Now drag the gray and the white sliders as far to the left as possible without moving the black slider. All of the gray tones should turn white, leaving a very clear outline in black and white. Play around with the sliders until you’re happy with the outcome.Congratulations! You’ve made your coloring book image!

Scan your coloring book images. Remember how we talked about that suggested 8.5 x 11 size? If you went with that size, bet you’re relieved right about now, since the size is easy to format and print on a printer page. Clean up the image if the scanner has picked up any dust or debris.

Bring together your designs. On a flat surface, lay out the pages of your book in the order you want them to appear. Don’t forget your front and back cover pages. Add them in the appropriate places.

Start the binding process. If using glue, begin with the back cover. Draw a thin line of liquid glue along the left side of the back cover page. Repeat this process on the next pages, working in reverse order.

Continue this process until all sheets, except for the front cover, have been glued. Do not put glue on the front cover page.

There are many reasons to make your own coloring books. For one, you can rest assured that the subject matter won’t be limited to childlike favorites like princesses and/or trucks. You can choose the subject matter and style of your coloring book and create a unique piece of art that makes a great gift.

Next, I used the Eraser tool on each layer to trim away the unwanted rectangular borders and backgrounds from the treasure chest and the child. The Eraser will only act on whichever layer is currently selected, making it easy to alter one picture element at a time.

How do I use premade images from the Internet for a coloring book?

Have you heard? Coloring books intended for grown-ups are the latest can’t-miss trend in art. Seen as an exercise in mindfulness, they’re good for the mind as well as the spirit, as well as a very fun way to develop artistic skills. But since there aren’t too many coloring books on the market intended for adults, we’re going to teach you how to make your own coloring book.

You can use any type of marker as long as the ink doesn’t fade or go away when the child erases some parts. It is not a must to have the cardboard on the back and front, but for better results, it is better to do so.

You should see something that looks like this, with your own photo visible. Let’s quickly look at what we’ve got.On the right, you’ll see a box labelled Navigator. This lets you zoom in and out of the photo and move around when you’re zoomed in.Below that is Layers. This is one of Pixlr’s cleverest features. Pixlr lets you stack multiple images on top of each other, then edit them all individually, a bit like making a collage. In this collage, however, you can choose to make the different layers change size, become transparent, or even act as complex filters for the layers below them. Don’t worry, we’ll come back to that.Under that is History, which just shows a list of all the recent actions you’ve performed in Pixlr. If you’ve made a mistake, you can skip back in your History to before you made it. Think of it as having multiple Undo buttons.OK, you’re now a Pixlr pro! We’re all set to get editing!

Now we’re going to squash the image back down to a single layer. Right-click on the top layer (Background copy) and select Merge down. You should now see a single layer in the palette.

Do you want a theme for your coloring book? Deciding before you start creating art can be helpful, and help inspire subject matter. For instance, the above series was the inspiration for the coloring book made for an example for this post. With the digital colors removed, the black and white outlines make a great coloring book pages, and there is a definite theme.

Decide on the book’s size. The most convenient dimensions for your book are 8.5 x 11”, or standard size copy paper. Most commercially-made coloring books fit those proportions, so children are already accustomed to the size.

Also, if you’re stumped coming up with your own illustrations, you’ll have the option of printing new designs off of the internet and adding them to your book later.

These tips will set you on the right path to make you rown coloring book.Think about these aspects of your project before pencil hits paper and you’ll have more polished results.Size and alignment

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So awesome tutorial!But i make coloring book with RonyaSoft Poster Designer, try it also, fast and cool.

Catherine Valadez Lopes is a Childcare Center Director in New York. She received her M.S. in Elementary Education from CUNY Brooklyn College in 2010.

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Now we’re going to turn the new layer into a negative of the original image. You can do this by selecting Adjustment –> Invert.

Three Parts:Planning and Designing Your BookCreating Your Designs by HandAssembling the BookCommunity Q&A

Typically, coloring books feature bold, black-and-white pages. For this reason, if you’re working by hand, a large tip pen or a black marker are ideal media for creating your coloring book images. The pages can also be drawn digitally.

First, make a decision about what size you’d like to make your coloring book. It’s your project, and you can make it any size you want. But there’s a strong case for choosing an 8.5 x 11 inch final size.

Save your new image and print it out!Tips on saving: Sometimes Pixlr will save an image without putting the .jpg extension at the end of it. When you save an image to your computer, quickly try opening it in another window. If you cannot open it, save it again but this time type .jpg at the end of the name.

Do I have to use a permanent black marker or can I use a normal marker? Also, do I have to have the cardboard on the back and front?

Well , if the coloring pages and books that Outdated Individuals -- those of us past the age of twenty- five --used back within the days before they invented weather and after we all knew what a phone cord was are fading out of thoughts , they`re being reborn on the Internet. Youngsters `s coloring pages are in all places online. An entire new dimension of coloring and drawing has been opened up with the advent of the Internet.

When the Web was still fairly new-- anyone right here old enough to recollect those days? -- only some web sites supplied free, printable coloring pages, and most of those merely contained some rough sketches or produced teeny weeny pictures. However at present one can discover a multitude of websites from which you`ll print out excessive - high quality coloring sheets on almost any topic that you would be able to imagine.

Why Youngsters `s Coloring Pages are Important

In the present day `s youngsters still love coloring just as much because the Previous People used to when they were children. Along with this truth , it`s now known that coloring is a wondrous pre- studying activity which helps kids develop the hand-eye coordination they`re going to want for studying find out how to write. Dad and mom who encourage the use of youngsters `s coloring pages are also encouraging an array of different improvement skills including choice making, persistence , persistence, and creativity.

Youngsters `s coloring pages on the Internet provide a higher assortment of subject material than the books in the shops can, and in case your kids want printed coloring books you can fire up that printer of yours and create a customized , one in every of a kind coloring e-book to your child. It solely takes a couple of minutes to print out a number of coloring pages, and these result in hours of leisure and brain stimulation to your child.

The Choices in online Children `s Coloring pages

At some websites you will discover the essential children `s coloring pages that can be printed and colored by hand with crayons, colored pencils, and whatever else. However , you may as well discover web sites that offer interactive coloring pages that require you child to work on the pc itself to fill in the pictures with colors. Usually times , these interactive coloring pages are part of a complete on-line community and the pages are simply certainly one of many issues obtainable to do on the website.

For example , a website with these pages may be about dolls, and it might also include all shapes, sizes, and sorts of dolls for youngsters to play with and even create them. Their favorites can grow to be photos on coloring pages. There can even doubtless be articles, games , quizzes, contests, and chat forums for doll lovers. Your little one will love with the ability to learn so much and be so inventive with one thing she has a love for already.

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