Lion King Having Fun Lion King Giraffe Having Fun Coloring Pages

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The lion king simba fights against scar coloring page
Lion king evil enemies · the lion king simba face coloring pages
Lion King Having Fun Lion King Giraffe Having Fun Coloring Pages

Simba is the young prince of the jungle, born to king Mufasa. We see a baby Simba in his mother’s lap. Both Mufasa and his wife Queen Sarabi are happy to see their newborn, who will become the future king of the jungle.

Kiara’s strong desire for self-sufficiency and independence put her into conflict with her father, which strain their relation. It is only after the battle between the Pride landers and the Outsiders that their relation improves. Here is a beautiful picture of the father-daughter duo.

This picture is an ideal poster for your kid’s room. Your child’s creative touch will make this picture look even cuter. Also notice, the colors he is selecting, it reflects that your child’s observation skills are becoming sharper.

Timon and Pumba are best friends. These two are nearly inseparable and are shown together most of the times in the film. They have been to many places like Las Vegas, Paris and of course the jungles of Africa. Both are extremely protective and possessive of each other. They do argue sometimes because of clash of personalities, but the argument and fight do not last long.

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Let your child play with colors and make this picture brighter.

Scar is Simba’s wicked uncle who wanted to become the king of the jungle. It was Simba’s birth right to become the king after his father’s death, this made power-hungry Scar really jealous. Scar killed Mufasa and sent Simba to exile and became the king. He was a tyrant.

Simba’s father Mufasa is killed by his wicked uncle Scar. Scar fools Simba into thinking that he is responsible for his father’s death. So Simba goes to an exile in shame. During exile he meets Rafiki and Nala. Rafiki, the shaman becomes his good friend and advices Simba to end Scar’s tyranny. Later Simba and Nala marry and they have a son. In this picture we see Rafiki looking after Simba’s son Kion in his parent’s absence.

Your child will enjoy coloring both Mufasa and Simba. This can be a very nice Father’s day greeting card, for his daddy dearest!

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Africa is a home to different animals, but the African Lions is the most royal member of the dense jungles. Your child must have watched lions and other animals on television. Children love watching how animals interact with other animals and their surroundings. You can also watch some classic animal movies like Lion King and Born Free, to teach your child the names of different animals. Every Child loves Simba’s character and will definitely enjoy coloring these pictures from Lion King. Learning about animals was never so much fun! Yes, so why wait let your little Picasso get started with these coloring pages and his tub of colors. Happy Coloring!

Pumba, just like Timon, is a supporting character in the Lion King 2. He is an extremely kind character who is very protective of his friends, especially Timon. He has a strong sense of loyalty and devotion towards his friends. He feels awkward in crowds and shows childlike naivety. He has both common sense and knowledge, which he tries to inculcate into the dimwitted Timon.

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During Halloween people pray in the memory of departed souls and martyrs. In popular culture, this festival celebrates the presence of the dead. There are fancy dress parties where people dress up as ghost, ghouls, wizards and witches. Here in this picture, we see Simba and his friend wearing the witch hats and fancy clothes, they are celebrating Halloween in the jungle.

Ask your child to draw more trees in the background and make this picture look complete. Your child’s creativity will make the jungle look even more realistic.

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Here is an image of the fierce fight between Scar and Simba, which resulted in Scar falling off the cliff. Simba thereby, went on to become the king of the jungle.

Timon is a meerkat who revived Simba to health. Simba grew up with Timon and Pumbaa and their sole motto in life was ‘Hakuna Matata’ (or no worries). They helped Simba to become the king of Pride Land.

Your child will love to color all the spots on the Giraffe’s body and also little Simba playing truant in the pool. If your child has been to a zoo and has seen lion cubs and Giraffe, will enjoy coloring the picture even more.

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Rafiki is another supporting character in the Lion King film. He is an old and wise baboon, who provides important counsel to Simba. He is known as the shaman of the Pride’s Land as he performs activities closely to those of a human tribal shaman. He is closely involved in the politics and affairs of the kingdom with the lions. In spite of being old and weary, Rafiki can still pack a wallop with his staff.

Ask your colorful stones and glitter tubes to make this picture brighter and make the picture speak of the Halloween celebrations.

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Kovu also has a head tuft like Simba, it is much fuller and dark colored than his main pelt. There are a tuft of hair on his elbow joints, which matches the color of the head tuft and tail-tip. His dark eye shades are just like his mother, but the color of his eyes is green. Kovu is muscular and oversized. Though Kiara and Kovu are same age, Kovu is much more healthy and handsome.

All the members of Pride Land are standing on the rock, as the moon shines bright. We Simba the new king of the jungle standing proud on the famous rock, you see this scene in the film too. Simba’s wife Nala and his friends are also beside him. The sly hyenas and the angry looking lion also give him company.

There are two sequels of Lion King produced by Disney Pictures. The adventures of Simba and his friends are worth watching. Your child will love coloring the adult Simba and all the other jungle folks. Guide him while he colors all the minute details and the night sky.

Timon is Simba’s friend, and this picture we see him pointing at something. This picture will rouse your child’s curiosity; he will try to guess what Timon is pointing at with his eyes and finger.

Simba is the protagonist of this cult Disney movie. He sees the best in everyone, even in his uncle Scar. He is very critical of himself and always tries to learn from his mistakes. Simba is determined to protect his family and kingdom from his enemies, no matter what it takes.

Simba was Mufasa’s apple of the eye. We see father and son bonding together. This picture reflects the affection of a father for his son, which is a universal feeling.

Here is the unique collection of 25 Lion King coloring pages printable for your kids to paint in their spare time.

Mufasa is the king of the Pride’s Land and the father of Simba. He is a proud, majestic and a knowledgeable king. His courage and strength are emphasized during the stampede, when he leapt to rescue Simba from it. He has a great sense of humor and is quite playful.

In this picture we see little Simba playing in the water, while a Giraffe is bending his tall neck to have some water from the pool. We see another giraffe waiting in the background.

This is a popular image of Simba standing proudly at the top of the Pride Rock after defeating Scar. Do not just stick to yellow and brown for coloring the lion. You can use any shade you want to make the drawing sheet look lively.

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Simba pokes his head through a shrub, and it looks as if he is wearing a wreath of leaves around his neck. We see a broad grin on Simba’s face; he is in a playful mood.

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Kovu is another character from the series the Lion King II: Simba’s Pride. He is the enemy of Simba, until he falls in love with Simba’s daughter Kiara. Zira’s strict training has made Kovu a very strong cub. Though Kovu is young, he has compact and broad features. His fur is colored brownish auburn. His muzzle paws and underbelly is creamy brown in color.

This is a beautiful picture of Kion trying to catch a bee. Kion looks very similar to his father Simba in looks, as evident from this picture. Both had slight shoulders and well-build muscles when they were young.

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Your child will be excited to color the three friends and also the jungle. If he has watched ‘Lion King’ already, he will need little guidance while coloring this picture. The talking animals will surely spark his imagination.

Your child will enjoy coloring the adorable little lion cub and a friendly Raffiki holding on to a staff.

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Timon is one of the tritagonists from the Lion King series. He is selfish and impulsive, but is extremely loyal to his friends in the kingdom. He is also ready to risk his life for his friends. Since he belongs at the bottom of the food chain, Timon relies on stronger animals for protection.

Just like young children like to explore their surroundings, young cubs explore the forest to get familiar with the environment. After Mufasa’s death in the hands of his brother Scar, Simba escapes Pride Land. He establishes friendship with a meerkat and warthog, Timon and Pumbaa respectively. We see Simba with his loyal friends explore the jungle.

The hyenas are carnivorous predators and moves in a pack. They have sharp teeth, yellow eyes and tiny black spots on their body. Hyenas laugh is blood-curdling and can be heard from a distance. Here we see a pack of hyenas smiling slyly.

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This is a very funny picture that will surely make your child giggle! In this picture, the Chipmunk is showering all his affection to Timon, by embracing him tightly. Timon being thin is being suffocated due to Chipmunk’s affection.We see Timon’s eyes are bulging and his mouth expressing his pain. No doubt, he is overwhelmed by Chipmunk’s generous show of love!

Kiara is the protagonist of the Lion King 2- Simba’s Pride. She is the daughter of Simba and Nala and is thus the future queen of the Pride Lands. She has inherited her parent’s curiosity, which often gets her into trouble. She is playful, wild, mischievous and headstrong.

While Simba is in exile, he protects his friends Timon and Pumbaa from the angry lioness named Nala. Nala and Simba become friends and later lovers. Both of them get married and have a son and daughter named Kion and Kiara.

Zazu is a red-billed Hornbill, who serves as majordomo to Scar, Simba and Mufasa. He looks quite proper and dignified, but is a nervous wreck. His easily rattled personality is totally opposite in temperament of the rest of the cast.

Top 25 The Lion King Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love To Do

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So when Simba returned from exile as an adult, he fought with his wicked uncle Scar and overpowered him. Here, in this picture we see Scar falling from the cliff and meet his end. With Scar’s death, Simba becomes the king and ends the tyranny. He ushers peace and protects the subjects of Pride Land from the Outsider’s attacks.

There is no dearth of trees and creepers in the dense forest. Animals take rest on the branches of the tree, but Simba chooses to relax in a hammock made of creepers. We see him enjoying a swing while resting on the hammock.

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In this picture we see Simba and Nala, as young lion cubs wading through the dense forest. This picture, will give your child an opportunity to play with different colors while coloring the leaves, he needn’t stick to green. Also he can create 3D effects on the leaves by shading the leaves in the direction of light falling on them. Your child’s imagination will transform this picture entirely into a romantic jungle scene. Once your child has mastered the art of using colors and practiced enough, you can give him this sheet to color.

A night in a jungle is an apt place to celebrate Halloween. The crescent moon and the flying bats make the setting for this celebration complete. We see a carved pumpkin jack O’ lantern, which is a symbol of Halloween festivities.

The cheerful note in this picture will strike chord with your little one. Children love to see happiness around, so they will definitely enjoy coloring this adorable picture.

Scar, also known as Prince Tak, is the main villain of the Lion King series. He has a thin, red scar over his red eye, thus giving him the name. He is the envious younger brother of Mufasa and uncle of Simba. He hates Simba as his birth ruined his chances of becoming the king. He is an unkempt and wild looking lion with black mane and dusty, brown fur. He sports a white, goatee beard, a characteristic of the villain.

Hope you liked our collection of free printable lion king coloring pages. Do share which coloring page your kid liked the most.

When Simba became the king of the jungle, he protected his subjects from the hyenas’ attacks.

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Kion is Simba’s son. He is a member of Lion Guard, a group that protects the kingdom from the hyenas and other enemies. He is known as the one who “defies tradition” as his guard group has creatures other than the lion. He is happily willing to give the underdogs a chance to prove their mettle. Kion is adventurous and does not think twice before taking any risk.

The Lion King is a masterpiece-animated film by Disney. It is a story about a young African Lion named Simba who overcomes several obstacles to claim his place as the king. The story line, including the sound track is very popular amongst both kids and adults.

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