Littlest Pet Shop Color Pages

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Littlest pet shop panda
Littlest pet shop
Littlest Pet Shop Color Pages

Hope your kids enjoy coloring these free printable Littlest Pet Shop coloring pages. You can also download these coloring sheets and prepare littlest pet shop coloring book. Don’t forget to share their coloring with us.

Sunil Nevla is an aspiring magician who loves putting on magic shows.

He is a great mediator and a problem solver.He has a dry sense of humor, which helps him to persuade people see things his way.This clever hedgehog keeps things in control and makes sure that his plans work.

Russell is a bright colored hedgehog with bright, golden-green eyes and small, black nose.8. Vinnie Terrio:

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Tiger is one of the most imprisoned pets in the “Littlest Pet Shop”.

Penny Ling is one the main characters of the “Littlest Pet Shop” series.

Wiggles is an American alligator with green eyes. He bullied the Littlest Pet Shop pets, to take a stand without Blythe’s help. He later reveals the reason behind bullying the pets. The reason was simple, he only bullied because all alligators are supposed to act mean because of their appearance. Now, this is a very cute and honest alligator!

Blythe Baxter is the main protagonist of this cartoon series. She is an aspiring fashion artist and designer.

Pete is a friendly rat who lives in the city dump. He is a male grey rat with brown and purple eyes. He is very helpful because he guided Vinnie and his fly or insect friend to reach the Littlest Pet Shop safely.

She spends most of her time thinking about new pranks, jokes and tricks. Sometimes, she takes her jokes too far without even realizing it.She hates it when people refer to her natural musk. She does not normally smell.

It only happens when she is excited or nervous.Pepper is an ash gray skunk with dark cornering on the inside of her ears. She has pale pink eyes with a light blue hue and a tuft of snow-white hair.5. Minka Mark:

The baby giraffe is also a pet at the Littlest Pet Shop. This happy looking giraffe is a part of the toy series created by Hasbro, on which this animated series is based.

His magic show always wows the crowds, but can sometime backlash, resulting in mishaps.Sunil is a coward and easily admits most of his faults. His friends try a lot to instill confidence in him, but he is still unable to face his fears and worries.

In spite of all these, he has the supreme ability to defeat any cobra that dares to cross his path.Sunil is a tall, blue mongoose with light blue hair, chest and muzzle. He has bright golden eyes and a tiny, red nose.

She is a model, who competes in dog shows, both at home and abroad.Zoe is a diva, who tries hard to achieve her goal of being the greatest singer. She is extremely passionate about singing and does not leave a single chance to sing and dance.

She is caring, helpful and loving, but can sometimes be quite rude towards others.

Zoe is a confident, self-assured and cool Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

If your child is absolutely addicted to Littlest Pet Shop, she will love to color this page. She will take special care to fill in the minute details in the picture. It is a great way to develop interest in coloring through her favorite cartoon characters. It is also a great opportunity to teach your child to love all animals. Through these coloring pages your child will become familiar with different animals with funny names.

A sea horse is a fictional creature that lives in the ocean bed. This seahorse in the picture is a pet at the littlest pet shop. The sea horse only appears in the toy range created by Hasbro, but is not seen in the series.

Your little one with definitely enjoy coloring the bright eyed rat with a bushy tail.

Blythe is a kind and compassionate girl who is always ready to help those in need, be it human or animals.She shares a special bond with the pets. She also has an amazing talent to talk and communicate with them.

Blythe is a fair-skinned girl with dark brown hair, light blue eyes and a slender structure. She always sports a new style every time she appears on screen.

Scout Kerry is a Siamese cat with turquoise eyes. Though is kind and amiable, other pets find her to be mysterious. She really enjoys shredding things into pieces. She is just like your little one who loves to break toys to look what is inside it. Just like Scout, your child also loves to explore different objects by shredding or breaking it. Just like other pets, you will be curious to know what your little one is thinking!

Shivers is a red squirrel with blue-green eyes, and he appears in ‘Blythe’s Pet Project’. He has a bad habit of stealing or hoarding things that don’t belong to him. However, he changes his ways and becomes honest. Pepper Clark is his best friend. Your child will love coloring this doe-eyed squirrel and make look even cuter.

Generally, alligators are not as amiable as Wiggles, in reality they are dangerous carnivores belonging to the crocodile family.

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If you have a pet at home, your child will instantly connect with this picture. She will try to express her love for the pet, through this picture. Don’t be surprised if Digby looks like your pet puppy!

Your child will be curious to know how a koala bear looks like. You can show him some pictures of koala bears to satiate his inquisitive mind. Koala is an arboreal herbivorous marsupial native to Australia. This cuddly animal is not a bear at all! Koalas are pouched mammals and are related to wombats and kangaroos.You can guide your child to find out more about koala bears, by searching encyclopedias, this will teach your child how to research on a specific topic.

Your child must have visited the zoo and has seen giraffe with long necks eating leaves from trees. Since, your child is familiar with giraffes; he will definitely love coloring this baby giraffe with spots on the body.

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Minka tried hard to get her out of the shell, but eventually gave up.She finally comes out of the shell, saying that she has started liking Minka. They both were later shown playing together.Your kid will surely enjoy coloring this cute image of Olive, the turtle.

Buttercream Sunday is a female yellow and brown Netherland dwarf Rabbit with dark green eyes. She is a very good dancer. Buttercream is owned by Aunt Christie, who also owns a candy shop named Sweet Delights. Buttercream is very active and hyper, but she is also mischievous. She has a habit of saying overly sweet and nonsensical things. When Buttercream relaxes she twirls her ears with a twangling sound, and uses her one liner ‘anywho’. She brings comic relief to the series. Generally rabbits are very cute animals and Buttercream Sunday is no exception, she certainly lives up to her name. Your child will simply love coloring the adorable Buttercream and the flower in her hair.

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Scout is very cute looking cat and the ribbon her makes her look even more adorable. Your child’s creative touch will give a dreamy look to Scout Kerry. Girls usually love kittens so she will certainly love coloring this page.

He just cannot stop himself from dancing, even though he has lost balance a couple of times.He is a clumsy pet who is prone to wreak havoc in the pet shop.He is the least intelligent of the lot and does not understand the meaning of certain words and phrases.

He is unaware of his capabilities, but always gives his best at whatever he does.Vinnie is a green gecko with a short tail and purple eyes. He is always shown wearing a golden necklace and earrings.

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Vinnie Alfonso Terrio, better known as Vinnie, is a male green gecko with purple eyes. He is a talented dancer. Since he is clumsy he wreaks havoc for others in the pet shop. Sunil Nevla the mongoose is his best friend other than the fly or insect friend. He is featured in ‘Frenemies’ where he finds out that he is a better dancer without his tail.

This must be Digby the brown dog, on whom Zoe Trent has a secret crush on. Zoe is unable to express her love for this blue-eyed Digby directly. Really, this pup is so cute that anyone will fall in love with him at first sight!

Coloring pages have always been a great gift for the children of all ages, because it helps to develop their imagination and even to train their motor skills since young age. Littlest pet shop coloring pages will take your child to a new wonderful world of funny little creatures, who are so much different one from another. There children can find interesting coloring pictures with various cute heroes of the popular animated television series and game, with the places those creatures live, with their friends and their world. Such pages can be downloaded and printed, you may pick up any of them, as many as you want, even may choose all our coloring pages. Littlest pet shop is a popular application game for the children of different ages, so our coloring pages are also meant for various age groups. The main heroine of such game and coloring pages is Blythe Baxter, a smart pretty girl with a lot of pet friends.

“Littlest Pet Shop” is an animated television series produced by Kenner in the early 2000s. The series is based on Hasbro’s Littlest Pet Shop toy line. The show features the adventures of young Blythe Baxter, as she moves into a big city apartment above the Littlest Pet Shop.

Your child is free to color the seahorse in any color he pleases. Since, the background is plain your child can create one by using a blue colored crayon and some sparkles.This picture gives ample opportunity to experiment with different type of colors and use imagination to the maximum extent.

Top 25 “Littlest Pet Shop” Coloring Pages Your Toddler Will Love

The adventure begins when Blythe discovers that she can talk and communicate with the pets in the shop.

Olive is a baby tortoise who remains inside her shell most of her time during her stay in the pet shop.

Whiskers is a little koala bear who is always fighting with his cousin Sideburns. However, they become friends later in the series. In this picture, we see little Whiskers is really hungry and he is eating leaves to relieve his hunger pangs.

Littlest Pet Shop coloring pages are loved by girls of all ages. Here is a collection of 20 Littlest Pet Shop coloring pictures. These coloring pages will bring the magic of owning a pet shop to your home.

Penny is a panda who is very fond of rhythmic ribbon dancing.She is quite a graceful dancer, but can be a bit clumsy at times.She is a gentle, soft spoken and sensitive pet.She is also a narcissist and enjoys when people compliment her appearance.

Penny is a white and blue giant panda with gray eyes. Fill in the exact colors or any other color of your choice to create your own version of Penny Ling.3. Zoe Trent:

He was imprisoned during the Gailbreak and once got close to escaping, but was caught in the process.He is a light, orange cat with brown stripes on his body, including face, ears, limbs top of the head, which gives him the look of a tiger.

Here is an adorable picture of Tiger waiting to be colored.10. Olive Shellstein:

Russell is a hedgehog who acts as the de facto leader of the pets.

Littlest Pet Shop is a Canadian-American animated television series developed by Tim Cahill and Julie McNally-Cahill. This series is based on Hasbro’s Littlest Pet Shop toy Line. Blythe Baxter is the protagonist of the series and other characters reside in the Downtown City. Blythe not communicates with her human friends at school, but she has several animal companions who reside in the Littlest Pet Shop.

Minka is an energetic spider monkey who is always up for adventure.

Your child will learn the names of different animals while coloring these pages. Don’t forget to pin up these coloring pages as posters in your kid’s room. Just don’t stick to crayons, guide your child to use water colors and glitters. Even though, he creates a mess at the beginning, he will certainly learn to use different types of mediums soon. These pages will nurture his creative mind and keep him engaged for hours.

Minka is very passionate about art. Flinging paint is one of her favorite pastimes.She is a chatterbox, who gets easily distracted by simple things like food and shiny objects.She is a pink monkey with bright blue eyes.

She is always shown wearing a blue skirt and a blue ribbon at the tip of the tail. She has a long, curly tail that is a bit darker than her fur.

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