Snow White Coloring Pages

color activities for preschoolers Snow White Coloring Pages

color activities for preschoolers Snow White Coloring Pages

Snow white coloring pages 26 snow white pictures to print and color last updated may 28th
Snow white coloring pages
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Snow white coloring pages 26 snow white pictures to print and color last updated may 28th
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Snow white coloring pages
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Snow white coloring pages
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The Queen in this picture summons the spirit in the Magic Mirror to ask who is the fairest in the kingdom.

Snow White’s mother died at childbirth and her father remarried. The new wife or Snow White’s stepmother was not very kind to Snow White. She was jealous of Snow White’s enchanting beauty. This wicked queen made her do all the household chores and made her wear tattered clothing to undermine her beauty. However, true beauty always comes to the surface, it can never be hidden. Snow White became more beautiful day by day and this made the Queen insecure, she finally planned to get her killed by a huntsman. However, Snow White escaped unscathed due to the huntsman’s kind nature.

Ask your child to help you out in household chores and this will teach him or to be more responsible.

She crossed the dangerous jungle and reached the tiny cottage at the end of the forest. She knocks to see whether anyone is inside, but doesn’t get any answer. So she enters the house quietly. With her are the animals of the jungle, who became her close friends later.

The dwarfs stay in a small cottage at the edge of the forest and work in the mines. In this picture we see a dwarf checking the quality of the gem they found in the mines in a light of the lantern. The dwarfs used to check the shine of the gems before discarding them.

Snow White is the main protagonist of Disney’s first feature length-film- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She is naïve, sentimental, helpful, kind and resilient. She is so innocent that she cannot see any evil in the world. This makes her vulnerable to her wicked stepmother queen Grimhilde. She acts as a mother figure to the forest animals and seven dwarfs.

Snow White is one of the most favorite Walt Disney Characters. The little readers will be able to empathize with SnowWhite and will be happy for her at the end of the story. Children are sentimental and they love to hear stories with lot of emotions. Make the coloring session fun and interactive, use the story of Snow White to teach lessons of life.

In this picture we Snow White is holding on to a pie, that she has made for the Seven Dwarfs. This picture has lot of details and your little girl will enjoy coloring it.

Queen, insecure of Snow White’s beauty, transforms into a witch to do away with her. This is a snow white coloring sheet which shows Queen plotting with her pet Raven.

Forest animals also play an important role in the story of this beautiful princess. The deer, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels and quails make it their priority to help and protect her throughout the film. These forest animals helped her to move into the house of the seven dwarfs when she becomes very tired.

The prince asked her to marry him and he took her in her arms. As we see in this picture, the dwarfs are celebrating their happy union.

Here is a beautiful image of Snow White with her white skin ebony black hair. Her attire is light blue and red but you can use any shade of your choice.

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Queen Grimhilde, also known as the Wicked Queen, is the main antagonist of the play. She is a menacing villain of all times. An icily beautiful woman with a slender figure and long, black hair, she is not interested in the affairs with the kingdom. She wants to be the fairest and most beautiful in the land.

After Snow White took a bite of the poisoned apple given by her vindictive stepmother, she fell into a deep sleep. The dwarfs were not able to revive her.

This is an adorable picture of Snow White and the seven dwarfs having fun together. The image is lacking is some color.

Snow White, tricked by the wicked queen, eats the poisoned apple, which causes her to fall into Sleeping Death. The dwarfs place the lifeless body of Snow White in a glass coffin and take it to the forest. The prince then visits the forest to and places a kiss on her lips, which breaks the curse and brings her back to life. He then destroys the magic mirror and takes Snow White to her castle where they live happily ever after.

Here is a beautiful collection of Snow white and the seven dwarfs coloring pages to print out and color. This offers hours of entertainment to your kids.

Snow White is having a great time with the dwarves. She swirls her skirts while dancing, and little Dopey and Happy joins in. We see Dopey standing on Happy’s shoulder, they are wearing a long overcoat, and Happy is poking his head out of it. Dopey is just pretending to look tall and Happy revealed the secret of his height.

This is the image of Snow White and Prince Florian dancing. She saw them while closing the curtains of her window in jealousy.

Your child might ask you who is a dwarf, you can say that a person with a very short height is called dwarf. It happens because the body’s ability to grow becomes stunted.

Which girl doesn’t dream of a prince charming sweeping her off her feet? Your child might be really may not understand love, but can surely understand deep affection. She will truly feel happy for Snow White at the end of the story!

The seven dwarfs in the story live in a tiny cottage in the woods. Snow White happened to stumble in their house after being freed by the huntsman. The dwarf agreed to keep her in the house if she cooked and cleaned for them. The dwarfs are protective about Snow White.

Snow White sneaks inside the Dwarf’s house, situated at the end of a jungle. She has escaped unhurt and has to stay away from the wicked queen. So the dwarf’s house seemed to her like a safe haven. The Dwarfs allowed her to stay in their house on one condition, she had to keep the house clean and cook for them when they go to work in the mines.

She was looking so beautiful even in death that the dwarfs didn’t bury her in a coffin. They kept her body in the glass coffin and were mourning around her coffin with no almost any hope of her coming back to life. Well the protagonist never dies in a children’s tale it has to have a happy ending. So a charming was passing by, he came down from his white horse. When he saw Snow White, he was deeply in love at first sight. He kissed her and she became alive. The Dwarfs were simply overjoyed to see their favorite Snow White alive again.

Other than coloring the picture, your child can join the dots given on the lantern and complete the entire picture.  There is a mystery behind the picture.

Dopey is the only dwarf who doesn’t have a beard. He is clumsy and mute; he is described by Happy (another Dwarf) as the one who never tried to speak. Here in this picture we see a very cute version of Dopey, with his hat larger than his little head. Dopey’s character is similar to Gideon the cat in Pinocchio and Dumbo the circus elephant. In the film adaptions of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the voice of Dopey was provided by Eddie Collins and Jimmy McDonald and Dee Bradley Baker in the 7D version of the same film.

After being told by the Magical Mirror that Snow White is the fairest in the kingdom, the Queen hires a huntsman to take the princess to a secluded area in the forest and kill her. She also asks Humbert, the huntsman to get Snow White’s heart in a box as a proof. However, moved by Snow White’s kindness, the huntsman decides not to kill her and leaves her in the woods. In the image, we see Humbert advancing towards Snow White holding a dagger.

Snow White takes care of the dwarf’s household every day. She cooks, washes the dishes, makes the bed and keeps everything spick and span. The dwarfs are on a holiday maybe, they are helping out Snow White with her household chores, so that they have enough time to sing and dance.

Snow White has just escaped from the hands of the huntsman. The huntsman was about to kill her, but took pityon her and asked her to escape from her stepmother.

The wicked queen, disguised as an old woman, persuades Snow White to eat a magical apple. She told her that eating it will make all her dreams come true. Snow White takes a bite of the poisoned apple and falls to the ground, causing her to fall into Sleeping Death.

Snow White found peace and happiness in the company of the seven dwarfs. In this picture, we see her performing an early morning ritual. Snow White always kissed the dwarfs good bye on their head. The dwarfs took of their cap and took her kiss willingly. Dopey played truant, he entered from the window, to get a kiss second time! That’s how little children asking for extra affection all the time. They are as innocent as Dopey and sometimes very shy too!

Hope your kid liked these free printable snow white coloring pages online. Tell us which one your kid enjoyed coloring the most and shared the colored picture below in the comments box.

Here is an amazing picture of Sleepy with his mouth wide open in a yawn. His one eye is squashed than the other, suggesting his perpetual weariness.

Here is a classic picture of Prince kissing the lifeless body of Snow White.

This picture is full of positive vibes, and your child will love coloring it.

This is an adorable image of Snow White sitting with the forest animals. Just like most of the Disney princesses, Snow White also maintains true friendship with the animals around her.

You can tell your child the entire story of Snow white and your memories associated with this classic tale.

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” Within the Magic Mirror dwells a spirit that speaks the truth in the reverse form. The mirror informs the queen that she is “fairest one of all”. One day, much to her dismay, the mirror informs that Snow White is now the fairest in the land.

Sleepy is one of the seven dwarfs in this animated film. As his name suggests, Sleepy is always droopy eyed and eager to fall asleep all the time. In spite of being lazy, he is the most sensible and observant of all the dwarfs.

The witch is an iconic character in the film. Here is the image of the witch handing over the poisoned apple to Snow White.

In this picture we see Snow White is singing into the well. She is watching her reflection in the well after she draws water from the well.

Prince Celebration All Around at Snow White Dopey Dancing with Dwarfs Snow White Evil Queen He is Queens Huntsman Queen Kissing Adieu Prince kissing Snow White Snow White made Pie is Ready Witch giving Apple to Snow White Dwarfs Got the Diamond Snow White at the Well Dwarf Feeling Sleepy Snow White and Seven Dwarfs Dancing on Music Snow White The Animals Lover having Fun Snow White Carrying a Basket Snow White and Dwarfs Washing the Plates The Cute Dopey The Snow White The Prince And Princess Dancing The Magic Mirror The Whos There

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Prince Florian is the handsome lover of Snow White. Even though he appears twice in the film, he plays the most important role of bringing Snow White back to life. The prince falls in love with Snow White when he hears her singing at the wishing well.

The Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a classic Disney fairy tale of a beautiful, young princess. She had a stepmother who is jealous of her beauty. Fearing Snow White’s beauty surpassing her own, the wicked queen hires a huntsman to kill her. The huntsman, instead of killing, leaves her in the woods. Lost and frightened, Snow white befriends the woodland animals who lead her to the cottage of seven dwarfs. Momjunction provides you the printable snow white coloring pages of your kids’ favorite characters.

The scenery around her is so beautiful, your child will love coloring the backdrop of this picture. There is no one to give her company as she is an orphan and has a wicked stepmother who is jealous of her beauty. So birds are her best companion to whom she opens up her mind.

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Snow White Coloring Pages