Soldier Coloring Pages

color activities for preschoolers Soldier Coloring Pages

color activities for preschoolers Soldier Coloring Pages

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Instead of letting your child sit in front of the idiot box for hours, use this coloring page to entertain your young one.

Paratrooper Solider Ready To Throw the Hand Grenade Soldier and his Dog Soldier in a Tank Soldier in Helm Soldier Watching Toy Soldier The Saluting Soldier The Army Soldier The Friendly Soldier

Tell your child this and help him realize the responsibilities of a soldier at work.This coloring page is a perfect starting point to do so.

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Your child is bound to find this coloring page very intriguing.Tell him or her all about how a soldier uses dense foliage to hide himself from the enemies.10. Soldier In A Tank:

This was our collection of 10 best free printable soldier coloring pages. You can surely create your very own collection, which we would love to see. Do share them with us!

The soldier sitting in a tank is ready to fight to protect the country.

Inculcate the feeling of patriotism in your child and respect for soldiers from an early age. Here is our collection of soldier coloring pages printable to help you do so:

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You might also be interested in coloring pages from Soldiers category.

It has a toy soldier for your child to color.Once your creative little one has finished coloring the page, get him or her a real toy soldier as a reward!8. Soldier Watching Through His Binoculars:

Teach your child all about this parade process that a soldier takes part in as he or she colors this page.Guide your child to use the right colors for the uniform and the helmet.

This is another interesting soldier coloring page. It has a soldier ready to throw the hand grenade in action.

Explain to your child what a paratrooper is.Help enhance the knowledge of facts as this coloring page triggers a myriad of questions in your child’s mind.6. Ready To Throw The Hand Grenade:

Here the soldier is seen saluting. Ask your child what he knows about the gesture and then brief him about it with full details once he is through with coloring.

Click the Soldier coloring pages to view printable version or color it online (compatible with iPad and Android tablets).

The friendly soldier is our savior and protector in times of war and natural calamities.

As your child finishes coloring, tell him about the different kinds of weapons that a soldier uses to protect and defend us.This can be a great educational activity to indulge in with your child!

Coloring is one such activity that is age appropriate, teaches your child something and also entertains.

This soldier coloring page shows a soldier accompanied by his faithful dog in the parade line.It is a funny page that your child is sure to love coloring.

Tell your child all about the soldiers and their lives after he or she finishes coloring this soldier coloring page.You could later get your child to convert this page into a poster for his or her room.3. The Soldier And His Dog:

You need some or the other activity to keep your child constantly occupied. In such a situation, you as a mother need to find out activities that would not waste your child’s time.

These coloring pages are based on the theme of soldiers. Use these to teach your child all about soldiers and the defense mechanism in place at the national and international levels.

This soldier coloring page depicts the patriotic zeal of the soldiers of the army.

Ask your child to color this page and once the task is done, take him or her to the national museum in your vicinity to show him a real tank.You can make it a fun educational trip for your child!

This coloring page features a soldier standing in line for the regular parade.

Soldier Coloring Pages