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Marvel wolverine coloring pages
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Wolverine Coloring Pages

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Comic book superheros are counted among the most searched for coloring page subjects with the Marvel Comics superheros like Superman, Spider Man and Phantom being some of the popular ones. Wolverine is one such fictional superhero appearing in the comic books with the same name published by the Marvel Comics. Comic book writer Len Wein created Wolverine along with Marvel’s art director John Romita, Sr. The character, originally known as James Howlett, is a human mutant possessing enhanced physical capabilities, special healing factors and animal-keen senses which allow him to fight against the bad guys in the stories. His healing capabilities allowed him to survive even after an almost indestructible metal alloy (adamantium) was bonded to his body, giving him his retractable claws. Wolverine is often described as belonging to comic book superhero groups like X-Men, the Alpha Flight and the Avengers.

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Children love to read comics. The bright colors and sharp figures of their heroes or antiheroes spark off their imaginative spirits. Here is a unique printable collection of Wolverine coloring pages that gives them an opportunity to color scenes from their favorite X-Men comics. The mutant’s unbreakable skeleton sketched here boasts of 6 retractable long bone claws, 3 in each hand, that emerge from the muscle and skin of his forearms. The free coloring pages exhibit him in some deadly fighting stances that will be liked by the kids.  Another mutant with similar regenerative powers, Deadpool, has been depicted with Wolverine in one of the pages. A combat scene between The Incredible Hulk and Wolverine turns sets the canvas for some fierce battlefield action. The mask that covers his head and has pointed extensions covering the ears should be painted with care. Youngsters will learn to keep their colors within the lines by the aid of these coloring pages.

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After saying all this, it is no wonder that kids love Wolverine and the coloring pages featuring him. These activity sheets take them away from their daily routines, allowing them to reach a fantasy land where they can take part in amazing adventures along with their favorite hero. They can also learn a lot about drawing and coloring when experimenting with different shades to find the proper colors to fill the pictures with.

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